Get Your Resume Ready in 5 Minutes with a CV Template

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Everyone needs a resume at one time in his or her career life and making one has never been easy. However, now there are online tools like a CV template that can help you make a CV in no time.

Why Is It Important To Have A Good CV in 2020?

Have you ever wondered why an employer takes only 8 to 10 seconds to reject or accept a resume? The first impression created by the resume is the last to get a yes or no. Therefore, there is no denying the importance of a well-written resume. The resume of a person is a special manuscript to sell one’s personal and individual skills and potentials to the prospective employers in the market.

A resume is like a window through which a person can show off and boast about his/her professional qualification, history, skills, abilities, achievements, and future goals. To make it short, a professionally written resume should work as a spotlight for a person to highlight the best that he or she can give to a specific job. A good CV template can fix all your problems.

However, one thing to remember is that a Professional Resume is always an ever-improving document, which expands over the period so one must keep the resume up-to-date by modifying it for new achievements. A person needs to tweak the resume and make it specific for each job application to ensure that the information in it meets all the key selection criteria. So why not consider the option of using the best online professional resume maker to get your professionally built resume.

What is the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

The word choice from different employers can confuse any naïve person, for some of them may ask for a CV and others may ask for a resume. Mostly, the employers use the term interchangeably and the difference between two words does not matter to them. However, it is better to use a CV template to comply with the standards established for all the two terms used here. Commonly, a resume is much shorter than a CV, which comprises of very brief and concise information regarding your skills, experiences, and qualifications strictly relevant to the job. On the other hand, a CV may surpass nine to ten pages based on the experience and detailed descriptions of research, publications, coursework, or presentations. A CV template and an online resume builder can help you to have a professionally built CV.

How to Write a CV Using a CV Template

A professional CV maker with an online CV template can be a ticket to land you in your dream job that can ultimately result in a more satisfying and fruitful career. It helps you find a job faster. However, it is important to follow a few fundamental points while writing a professional CV.

The first important point is to pick the best resume builder online among the thousands working on social media. A poorly formatted CV can get you rejected in the first ten seconds of CV scrutiny by the recruiter however a perfectly formatted and well-organized CV will secure the recruiter’s attention towards your skills, qualifications, and experiences mentioned in the CV. Therefore, it is better to build an online resume.

Using a CV Template is The Best Choice

You must use an online resume maker or a CV template that can add your contact information in the right way to make it easier for the recruiters to approach you in time. Your contact information must include your full name, your professional title, email address, telephone number, your LinkedIn profile, and your residential address.

Highlight Yourself via the Objectives

An objective must show what you can offer to a company once the company picks you. Remember that an employer needs a professional who is self-sufficient, reliable, flexible, responsible, and self-motivated. He or she must be capable of playing a strong part in the position of the company in the market. Your choice of words in your objective will show all these offers to the receiving person. An online resume builder can be a great help in fixing this problem.

After your contact information and your objectives, add your professional qualification, work experience, and the goals that you have achieved in the relevant field. Chronologically add all this information because it will help your potential employer to understand your current worth quickly by focusing on your most recent and relevant work experiences.

Now you must add the section in which you will tell about your specific skills related to the specified job. Here an online resume builder or a CV template can help you to remain very specific and choose the required information vigilantly among your number of skills.

Build a professional skillfully constructed resume by adding an extra section that can play a pivotal role in highlighting you as a more preferable candidate than another applicant with a similar background. No one would like to ignore this chance to outshine from the crowd. Some sample extra sections that can be included in a resume can be professional affiliations, additional training, publications, professional certifications, and conferences attended relevant to the job.

Common Mistakes While Using in a CV Template

  • Using the same resume for more than one jobs can be hazardous for your employment chances
  • Including too much personal information such as height, weight or religion can offend the employer
  • Using of unprofessional email addresses can work as a repellant for the employer
  • Social media profiles not related to the specific job
  • Similarly, too much fancy or outdated font styles will not work well for a CV
  • If the resume is incoherent or ambiguous, the employer will not feel any interest in pondering over it.

If you build a professional resume with an online CV maker or a resume maker, it will decrease the chance of indulging in such common mistakes.

Do’s & Don’ts of Resume Writing


  • Define your job hunt objective before you start writing for a resume. Modify your resume with an online resume maker according to the specific position that you are applying for.
  • Use an online CV template to tailor your resume to go with a particular job description. Use catchwords used in the relevant business.
    Keep highlighting your positive grades and achievements with a CV template given by the best resume builder online.
  • Keep a consistent and thoroughly organized format for your CV. Take help from an Online Professional Resume Builder.
  • Create strong, pragmatic, and concrete statements for the objectives that you mention.
  • List the most significant, related items first. For instance, you must keep your Human Resource Development Experience above your internships and your projects section if you are searching for a job that needs some experience. Also, do not forget to mention your major achievements during your different experiences in the field. Mention all of them in bullets underneath your experience title. Build a professional resume online to get your job done.
  • List your experiences in a reverse chronological order where the most recent experience will be the first one on your list. This way, the most recent experiences show your potential and skills more appropriately. A CV template from a resume builder may help you in this regard.
  • Try to mention your experiences in terms of quantity and quality, give figures and numbers wherever possible, show your progression and evolution in percentages.
  • Mention only your specific accomplishments in great detail otherwise keep it short and simple.
  • Include more extra sections to expand on your professional, personal, and teamwork skills.
  • Countercheck your work for any typo errors or grammar mistakes. Build your resume online with a professional CV builder or take help from your friends or a professional advisor for resume building.


  • Do not make general statements unless you have sufficient and relevant examples to justify. E.g., do not say “Good written communication skills” unless you have an inventory of this work to show as evidence if asked for proof.
  • Don’t lie to your employer in any circumstances. Do not over exaggerate your grades, skills, or accomplishments.
  • Do not use the nonspecific objective statements. It does not work!
  • Don’t include references in your resume. Just mention, “References will be furnished on request.”
  • Do not just elongate your resume for the sake of stretching it to three or four pages. Only go for a long resume when you have relevant information and extra sections to put in. Generally, a new trainee or a freshman does not need a long resume.
  • Do not rely on only one job opening. Find more opportunities to apply where you can find a job description of your interest.

Build a professional resume by using a CV maker, resume maker, or a resume builder or higher the best resume builder online to get your job done.

What to Include in or Exclude from a CV Template

Here are some elements that must be included in your CV:

  • Relevant and true contact information
  • Your academic qualification
  • Your professional qualification
  • Certified work experience
  • Any qualifications and skills that could be useful for the job
  • Certificates and awards
  • Licenses and honors (if any)
  • Scholarships achieved during the academic tenure
  • Significant research tasks and publications
  • Conferences attended
  • Proficiency in any languages other than the common one

Some elements that you must be excluded from a CV are:

  • List of professional references
  • Mention reason for quitting the previous job
  • State previous salary information
  • Mention height, weight, or religion
  • Include photoshoots or any other media

How Long Should a CV Be?

Ideally, a CV must be between two to three pages. The employers do not have a specific requirement for your CV. The basic purpose is to keep all the relevant information intact and to avoid including any extra lengthy gibberish, which is not relevant to the job. The hiring manager will look at your CV with more interest if he can go through it in a few minutes. A fresh graduate from the university does not need a long resume because they do not have the experience to add to extra sections.

However, an experienced employee in his or her mid-career needs one or two pages to show off all his skills and experiences along with his accomplishments. Here are some ways through which one can reduce the length of the CV.

  • Keep your personal information short and crisp
  • Highlight your skills more than your work experience. You can give details of the progress that your previous employer experienced because of your specific skills.
  • Check for typo errors and edit your writing efficiently before sharing your CV
  • Keep your font size 12 or 14 for the inner text while headings can go to 18-font size.
  • Do not include those projects that are not complete yet. Also, do not include older conferences.

You may want to make exceptions for articles or books coming in print if you are applying for a position in an academy or university. Usually, publications are a very important requirement in academic institutions. Listing your project will show what discipline you are active in, in the right section of the template. A CV template will have a section for this type of detail.

Which Format is Best to Use to Send Your CV? PDF or Word

In reality, both methods of sending a resume have their pros and cons. Therefore, a person can generally send his resume in any format. However, sending a resume in PDF form is more professional and handy. However, you must wisely look for the instructions mentioned in a job post. Especially if the employer mentioned which format to use to send a resume. It is better to follow the employer’s instructions in sending your resume.

Professional Resume Builder Online

Now all this evidence of your worth must be organized in a CV template in a professional way to make everything clear and obvious to the employer at the first glance. A professional CV template will help you in many ways such as choosing standard and contemporary fonts for CV writing, choosing the right font size, keeping the layout consistent, and being relevant and brief about your resume.

Build a professional resume by using a CV maker, resume maker, or a resume builder or higher the best professional resume builder online to get your job done.

Here is the place where you can build your professional resume within five minutes by taking into account all the practical details of a good and impressive resume.


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