How To Flaunt Achievements On Your Professional Resume?

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The recruiters and employers will not be impressed if you have listed dozens of overly used skills and lengthy work history on your resume. They are interested to know what difference you made as a professional. If you got promotions, rewards, and commendations for contributing toward the growth of an organization, display it proudly. Many candidates pay too much attention to describing the job responsibilities, if you have been doing the same; it is time to give your resume a revamp. Add details that provide an insight into your professional accomplishments. In this post, you will learn how to add your achievements to your resume.

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What Qualifies For An Accomplishment?

If you were invited by the CEO of the company for a cup of coffee for being a good and humorous conversationalist, that certainly is not a worth mentioning achievement.

If however, you have,

  • your part in increasing sales for a company
  • Shared your bit of creative and unique ideas
  • Solved a problem that was real
  • Won work-related awards
  • Received a scholarship for being exceptional in studies
  • Blogged or written worth reading material
  • Earned a company some sort of benefit or media coverage

You can elucidate the details of these achievements on your job resume. The information should be shared in a way that grabs attention.

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How To List Achievements On Your Resume?

Here are some tips on how to list achievements and rewards on your resume!

Use Action Words And An Informal Tone

Instead of using fancy adjectives to describe the accomplishments and rewards, action words can help to make a point. Words, like collaborated, won, and scored, would give readers the hint that you achieved something. Don’t exaggerate and fabricate the details, if you worked with a marketing team of 20 people to get a campaign successful, give due credit to your colleagues. You can make individual projects stand out though but make sure that are no white lies.

Numbers Count For Making Your Professional Resume Quantifiable

Adding numbers and figures to your accomplishments will make them measurable and verifiable. If you worked hard for developing a business plan that helped with increasing customer satisfaction levels, give a percentage for it. Using a frequency, scale, or range will make the details assessable and worth believing.

Without stats, the achievements would be hard to quantify for the hiring managers and employers. They will not be sure about your competence and talents that might make you miss a promising opportunity. The numbers should not seem unrealistic and made up, don’t get yourself into trouble by adding figures for the sake of getting noticed.

Use The Right Format And Keep It Brief

Don’t use long paragraphs for writing the achievements section. Use bullet points, small sentences, and proper syntax so that the text is easy to understand. You can list the accomplishments for each job underneath the title and experience. Modify this section when applying for a job according to the keywords. For instance, if a position requires critical thinking, you can mention the strategy you made for sales that worked effectively well.

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Make Your Best Achievements Stand Out

You can make your most prized accomplishments prominent by highlighting them in the resume profile statement. This like a headline is at the top so the recruiters and employers would read it first before going into the details. Be meticulous with choosing the accomplishment that you think will make your job application compelling.

The profile statement should be written after you have added details to all other sections.

What are the professional and academic achievements you profoundly want to display on your resume?


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