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7 Things Your Employer Will Seek in Your Resume

A resume is one of the key requirements, which could land you your dream job. Your eligibility for the post will be judged based on your resume before you are called for an interview. How bad do you want to get that dream job? Anything is possible with…

Resume Writing Templates

Why Resume Writing is Important to Get a Job

If you are wondering why you or anyone would need resume writing templates, then you will find out right here. Today, the job market has resumes as the first and most important requirement by employers. Without a good resume, your chances of getting your dream job are slim….

Can a Resume be Two Pages

Can a Resume Be Two Pages?

Answers and Tips for Deciding the Job Resume Length  Do you also have this Popular Question; Can a Resume be two Pages? One of the mind-boggling questions regarding a professional resume is how long it should be? As you start organizing details and embellishing them, the thought confuses…

how to start a resume

How to Start a Resume?

An objective statement, qualifications summary, and professional profile are some options to consider for starting a resume. Tips on How to Start a Resume Here is how to start a resume Save and Open the Original Job Description. Prepare Resume Outline. Choose the Perfect Format. Start Writing the…

what should a resume look like

What Should a Resume look like?

Creating a checklist on how your resume should look like? Your resume is a reflection of your professional competence and talents. It can convince recruiters and employers to hire you. Just like a book that is judged by its cover or a movie that piques the interest of…

about me in resume

How to Write About Me in Resume?

Why your Professional Resume needs an “About Me” Section Don’t you feel intrigued to know about the author before starting a book? When getting online products or services, you check the “About Us” section to know if a vendor is experienced and skilled. Now imagine a recruiter getting…

resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips

Why your Professional Resume needs Clarity? Have you tried finishing a movie, TV show, or book that was confusing or seemed gibberish to you? How often you have reached a destination by following wrong or unclear instructions? The clarity in communication is very important for conveying a message…

resume writing rules

Resume Writing Rules

5 Common Resume Writing Rules you shouldn’t break Your resume can make or break the first impression that you are keen to give to recruiters and employers. A job application full of clichéd terms, a confusing objective, and a bland cover letter would go straight to the bin….

Creative Resume

Creative Resume Writing Ideas

In this post, we will discuss the creative resume writing ideas and inspirational resume draft for professionals. How to Make Resume Creative & Inspiring? Have you ever wondered why you feel intrigued to watch a movie that has an interesting poster or trailer? Why you feel inclined into…

resume writing myths

Resume Writing Myths

Busting the Common Resume Writing Myths Creating an attention-grabbing resume is nothing less than a challenge with so many tips, tricks, and myths. You get lost between the countless guidelines, some of which would be contradictory leading to more confusion. To keep your sanity and motivation during writing…