Resume Writing

A resume should be well written as resume writing is an art. Here you will get help on professional resume writing and the latest resume writing tips in 2021.

about me in resume

About Me In Resume

Professional Resume Needs An “About Me” Section Don’t you feel intrigued to know about the author before starting a book? When getting online products or services, you check the “About Us” section to know if a vendor is experienced and skilled. Now imagine a recruiter getting hundreds of…

resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips

Your Professional Resume Needs Clarity In this article, you will learn why it is important to have clarity when writing your resume and some other resume writing tips. Check out the best online resume builder Let’s Start With The Why? A recruiter or employer would quickly go through…

resume writing rules

Resume Writing Rules

5 Common Resume Writing Rules You Shouldn’t Break Your resume can make or break the first impression that you are keen to give to recruiters and employers. A job application full of clichéd terms, a confusing objective, and a bland cover letter would go straight to the bin….

Creative Resume

Creative Resume Writing Ideas

In this post, we will discuss creative resume writing ideas and inspirational resume drafts for professionals. How To Make Resume Creative & Inspiring? Have you ever wondered why you feel intrigued to watch a movie that has an interesting poster or trailer? Why you feel inclined into reading…

resume writing myths

Resume Writing Myths

Busting The Common Resume Writing Myths Creating an attention-grabbing resume is nothing less than a challenge with so many tips, tricks, and myths. You get lost between the countless guidelines, some of which would be contradictory leading to more confusion. To keep your sanity and motivation during writing…

Teamwork Skills in Resume

Teamwork Skills In Resume

Add Teamwork Skills To Your Job Resume No employer wants a loner who can’t collaborate with others or doesn’t like to rekindle the spirit of teamwork. Being a team player is an admirable quality. If you have that team-oriented attitude, proudly present this skill on your resume. Blandly…

summary of qualifications

Summary Of Qualifications In Resume

Adding A Summary Of Qualifications To Your Professional Resume A summary of qualifications and professional accomplishments on the resume would make it super easy for a hiring manager to evaluate your profile. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes and it gets boring and time-consuming to go through each one…

Professional Summary For Resume

In this post, you will learn how to write a professional summary for a resume. Grab Employers’ Attention With An Intriguing Resume Summary A catchy intro makes a literary piece worth reading, an ad worth watching, and a professional profile worth considering. If you have been undermining the…

Communication Skills

Communication Skills In Resume

How To Add Communication Skills In A Resume? Effective communication is a must-have for a successful professional and personal life. Every job description explicitly or not too obviously demands effective communication skills. If you are good at communicating using your writing and speech, that needs to be highlighted…

resume writing mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Resume

You don’t have to turn your resume into a biopic that includes anything and everything about your life. Recruiters and employers are interested in details that give them an insight into your professional skills, work history, and personality traits. Sharing your hobbies and religion on your resume wouldn’t…