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How to Find and Use the Best Professional Resume Builder?

Are you worried about getting a job? Do you know how important a resume is to get a new job? Do you know how to write a perfect resume that can help you get a job? Is Build Resume Online the best professional resume builder for you? If you want to know more, you must read this entire article.

A resume is the most important document any company would ask for upfront. A resume is not just a piece of writing. It shows your professional experience and highlights how well you have been doing in your professional life.

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Questions to Ask About the Best Professional Resume Builder

Let us have a look at a few very important questions you might come up with before you make a resume:

How Do You Make Your Resume Look Professional?

It is important to make your resume professional so that you get that second glance from a hiring manager. Always choose a simple font so that the interviewer understands it. The font should not be too small or too big. It should be between 10 and 12 inches. It should be clear and easy to read, not italicized, or hurtful for the eyes.

Do not use any fancy color paper. Only use white or cream paper so that it is easy to read and understand. The style of your resume should be consistent. For example, you are using bullets it is better to use the same bullet points throughout. Moreover, write what is relevant. Do not add stuff that is not relevant to your professional life.

What is the Best Layout for Your Resume?

Now you can make your resume in no time. You just have to choose the best layout for your resume with the help of the best professional resume builder. The first impression is very important when it comes to your resume layout so the layout should be accurate. Here are a few steps that you should keep in mind:

  • Set the margins
  • Pick the right font
  • Line spacing should be accurate
  • Make sure the header is attractive

The structure of the resume should be in the following sequence:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Language
  • Any extra information

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What are The Different Types of Resumes?

Chronological resume

A chronological resume means that the most recent activity comes first. Means everything is in the reverse listed order. When you put up the most important information at the top, the interviewer will take some interest in your resume.

Functional resume

In this resume, the focus should be on what you did, not on when you did it. Its focus is on the skills you have.

Combination resume

This resume is a combination of a functional and chronological resume. Its focus is on the skills you possess and not on the time.

Targeted resume

A targeted resume will help you target the right kind of thing. It puts together all the important information to make the right type of resume.

Mini Resume

It is better to keep a mini resume in your hand always. A mini resume will consist of all the major pointers.

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How to Get Your Resume Noticed?

With the best professional resume maker, you can get your resume noticed. However, you should keep few things in mind before you make your resume online. These are:

  • Use keywords which make it easy for the recruiter to understand your resume quickly
  • Make an appealing cover letter
  • Try to get in contact with the manager or the recruiter
  • Avoid old words and language
  • Avoid cliché words

Do you know how many templates are there when it comes to making a resume? Well, there is not only one. Let us have a look:


This format handles more information. It is a professional resume format.


This is famous as the modern resume format. It consists of a proper timeline of your experience.


It is the perfect resume template as it consists of a perfect balance of graphics.


This format is easy to read and understand. It is so simple that there is no extra information.

Read on words to avoid in a resume

What is the Difference Between a Cover Letter and a Resume?

A Resume consists of your work experience, qualification, and professional experience in a format style. Whereas, a cover letter is a short introduction of who you are and what your education is in a simple form without any template format.

A cover letter is more detailed written more subjectively whereas, a resume is written in pointers instead of paragraphs.

A resume is longer than a cover letter. The cover letter is a summary of your personal experience and skills.

Both the resume and cover letter have a different tone and structure.

How to Write a Resume Summary

A resume summary is a paragraph of 3-5 lines, which explains the relevant information about your work experience and skills. The main idea to write this summary is to make your interviewer read the whole resume. The best professional resume builder will make your resume stand out and your chances to get a job will increase.

How to Find the Best Professional Resume Builder

  • Check the reviews
  • See how easy it is to use the website
  • Check the price
  • Good customer support
  • Best website experience
  • Provides more features such as resume maker, cover letter, writing job description

In the job market, the most important thing that you need to take care of is your resume or your cover letter. So going for the best professional resume builder should be the utmost important thing for you to decide. Moreover, before you make your resume online make sure you have the right documentation that contains the dates of your job experience and your years of qualification.


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