Can A Resume Be Two Pages?

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Answers And Tips For Deciding The Job Resume Length 

Do you also have this Popular Question; Can a Resume be two Pages?

One of the mind-boggling questions regarding a professional resume is how long it should be? As you start organizing details and embellishing them, the thought confuses you, am I writing extra? What if the application gets rejected because of my profile being draggy? 

Don’t fret if you face this situation. Make a rough draft of your resume and estimate the number of words and pages. If you don’t have much experience and skills to flaunt, this too is not a worrisome scenario. 

In this post, you will explore the perfect length of a resume and if it matters or not. 

Does Your Resume Have To Be Two Pages If You Have Just Graduated?

Are you about to step into the job market and don’t have any substantial experience other than internships and volunteer work? Start drafting your resume and don’t think about stretching it to the second or third page by adding your awards for the best cheerleader at the school game. 

Recruiters and employers don’t expect fresh grads to have detailed skills, work experience, and accomplishments sections. You should list your educational background, any project that can be of relevance to the job you are applying for, and soft skills. 

Don’t think of your resume as a literary essay that you get grades for only if it has 1000 and more words. 

What Should Be The Resume Length For Experienced Professionals?

If you are a seasoned worker with more than five years of experience, there is a lot that you can add to your resume to make it compelling. The recruiting experts and employers would like to know how you have progressed through your career. Use the space underneath the skills, certifications, and achievements to give them an idea about your competence. 

You should have a descriptive skills section having an account of your personal and professional talents. You can discuss the difference you made to a workplace or places through creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, or some other skill-set you have. 

All these details would occupy almost a couple of pages which will work your way to get your resume noticed.  

What Is The Resume Length Trend For 2020?

If you ask a career expert in 2020 about “if it is okay to have a 2-page resume” the answer would be yes. Since the job applications started getting submitted through ATS, you don’t have to worry about keeping the length of your resume to one page. 

But then again, if you don’t have much to display on your professional profile, don’t take up this as a challenge to write a long work biography of yours. You can make an appealing one-page resume to score your dream job; don’t feel threatened from candidates with lengthy resumes.

How To Go About Writing A 2 Page Resume?

If you opt for drafting a 2-page resume, don’t think that the recruiting managers and business owners will feel inclined into reading it right away. If you have used a non-professional template with cursive or some other font style they will toss it away in the bin. 

The layout of your resume says a lot about the kind of person and professional you are don’t undermine its significance. Primo, cubic, and diamond are some template options that you can consider. All these layouts will make your resume details easy to view for the readers. Use bullet points instead of long and wordy paragraphs. 

If you aren’t good at summarizing details, work on each section separately to take out gripping details and then describe them briefly. 

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For Which Jobs You Ought To Have A Two Page Resume?

Here are the positions for which you should have a couple of pages for displaying your professional competence

  • Accountant
  • Office Manager
  • Business/Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager 

If you have been working holding any of these designations, you need to provide an insight to the hiring specialists and employers about your work. Give a peek into all your skills that you developed and refined over time and the quantifiable accomplishments you made.

If you have a project on credit that benefited the organization you worked for in terms of profitability and growth, do mention it. 

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Don’t Make It One And A Half Page

A resume with two pages looks good but a full and half page can be sloppy. It can give an impression that you tried dragging the length and when you can’t, a cluttered resume is what you attached with the application. 

The additional half-page that you are eager to include can be summarized within the details of the first one. Read all the sections to see where you can adjust the information. 

When writing a 2-page resume, always put your worth knowing facts on the first page, keep the least important details for the second one. Your skills, experience, resume summary or objective and awards/certifications should be on page one. 

Make sure that there are no repetitive details on page 2, it can happen so proofread not to just rectify grammatical and other mistakes but to take out repetition and fluff. 

The resume can be two pages if you have enough material to pull it off. Don’t make white lies and exaggerated skills to fill the blank space on your professional profile. 

If you have both one and two page resumes, use them for applying for different jobs. You should keep on checking the latest trends for determining if the length you have chosen is still valid or not. 

The trick to make a one-page resume out of two pages is to summarize the details in a way that you don’t miss any vital and worthwhile info. Try to make a summary of your long skills section to practice this out. 

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