Common Resume Mistakes

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Don’t Make These Common Resume Mistakes On Your Resume

Making mistakes on your professional resume builder can cost you a job so make sure to craft and draft every section and sentence with the utmost attention. Most of the recruiters go through the job applications quite meticulously; a small mistake can be a deal-breaker. When building a resume for the first time, you are very likely to make some common mistakes. We are discussing them in detail so you can avoid them!

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Professional Resume

Here are 6 common resume mistakes to avoid in your professional resume

  1. Overlooking Typos and Grammatical Errors
  2. Using a Personal Email Address
  3. Providing Wrong or Incomplete Contact Details
  4. Having Irrelevant Details on your Professional Resume
  5. Stuffing the Text with Keywords
  6. Having a Head-shot on your Resume

Overlooking Typos And Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammatical mistakes on your professional resume can give a really bad impression. Even if you are using the most reliable writing tool, there could be typos that can change the context of the content. For a recruiter, wrong and bad grammar could be an important reason for tossing a resume in the bin. Worst of all you will lose your credibility as most employers would think you are too careless or can’t write.

It might be difficult to point to your own writing mistakes even after proofreading, use a second pair of eyes for the endeavor. Ask someone else to read between the lines for you, an insider tip is to find a “Grammar Buff”!

Using A Personal Email Address

When applying for a job, you need a professional email address to be provided to the employers. Many candidates undermine the significance of having a professional email address and mention the one they made during their teenage. An employer would not like to call a hipster125 or beercancrusher12 for getting a serious job done.

Make a professional email address with your name and use it on the resume to avoid missing an opportunity.

Providing Wrong Or Incomplete Contact Details

Missing or incomplete contact details on your resume would make it difficult for the recruiters to communicate with you. The way you list the contact information is also important for landing you the job interview.

Don’t place the details at the header of the word document; also avoid using an image for the information. Always use an updated phone number and email address on the resume to ensure your availability.

Having Irrelevant Details On Your Professional Resume

Mentioning your love for sky diving, swimming, gardening, or reading on the resume wouldn’t convince employers to hire you. Don’t add hobbies and marital status to the resume. If you are applying for a sales job, mention your experience and skills that are relevant to the position.

Learn how to create a professional resume format?

Stuffing The Text With Keywords

Using the keywords from the job ad will make your resume stand out, but overdoing it would make the application annoying enough to get ignored. The buzzwords you use within the various sections of your resume should make sense, don’t turn the text into an attempt to improve keyword ranking, you are not writing an SEO article.

Also, use a free resume template for 2021 that makes the text aligned and readable.

Having A Head-Shot On Your Resume

Unless you are applying for an acting or modeling job, don’t include a headshot on your resume. The employer will not consider you for a position based on your charming looks. Providing insight into your professional skills and work history would make your job application appealing. Tweak the skills and other sections according to the position you are applying for.

  • Don’t make the mistake of using the same cover letter for every job application
  • Make changes to your cover letter for different openings to grab employers’ attention

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