Communication Skills In Resume

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How To Add Communication Skills In A Resume?

Effective communication is a must-have for a successful professional and personal life. Every job description explicitly or not too obviously demands effective communication skills. If you are good at communicating using your writing and speech, that needs to be highlighted on your resume. But simply putting “Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills” would look bland and incomplete. You need to tell the recruiters and employers in detail about your ability to connect with people.

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In this post, you will learn to list down your communication skills smartly on the resume!

List Of Communication Skills

Here is the list of top communication skills you should include in your job resume

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Active Listening Skill
  • Friendly Attitude
  • Open to Criticism and Feedback
  • Pick the Right Medium

Defining Effective Communication

The term is quite broad and includes

  • How you receive, comprehend, and convey the information shared with you
  • How well you can write the details to make them understandable for others
  • Listen to others and respect their opinion
  • How well you can explain a concept or idea using your knowledge and creativity
  • Make a list of your hard and soft skills that fall under these pointers.

Soft communication skills would make you a valuable and emotionally intelligent resource that every employer would like to hire.

Gauge Your Written Communication Skills

Having a poetic or literary writing style doesn’t make you an effective communicator. You need to have an approach that makes your content easy to understand for everyone. If you can type well, that scores for a point in your written communication skills. Have crabbed handwriting? That is a point deducted.

Let’s start with the worth mentioning communication skills for your professional resume!

Flaunt Your Active Listening

If you are a patient and attentive listener, it is a skill that can land you a job. A customer service representative has to listen carefully to a complaint or instructions given by consumers. An active listener would be able to resolve issues and comfort the clients effectively.

Add Friendly Attitude On Your Job Resume

Don’t think that having an amiable attitude and tone isn’t a quality that an employer would cherish in you. Who wouldn’t like to deal with a friendly person who creates a comfy aura around? If you make it easy for people to approach and talk to you, it is a skill you should highlight on your resume.

Being Open To Criticism And Feedback Is Gold

Having a humble attitude and being open to making changes for improving your professional and personal life is a commendable quality. No employer would want a rigid resource with the illusion of being too perfect to listen to anything negative. When resume writing, roughly write down your top 4-5 communication skills and then think about how to present them in an appealing manner.

Ability To Pick The Right Medium

Not everyone likes communicating on texts, some make better conversations on phone and many are hooked to social media. For internal and external communication, choosing the right medium is important for receiving and sending information. If you can identify the suitable channels for various audiences, this is a skill that makes you a competent resource.

You need to pick the right buzzwords from the job post to tailor your skills accordingly.

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Body language is an important element of communication. Make others feel comfortable around you with your postures and gestures. Don’t roll eyes or make ducks and other weird faces for proving your fun side. Many hiring managers closely observe your body language when asking questions, you better be conscious with the use of hands and facial expressions. You can Create Resume Online at your own choice.

Do you have some more communication skills to add to your resume? Share in the comment section!


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