Tips On Crafting A Compelling Cover Letter

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Just like a book is judged by its cover, an appealing cover letter would make your resume worth checking out. You can take it as an opportunity to leave a first great impression on prospective employers. Use it for an informal introduction of who you are and why an employer should consider hiring you.

Drafting a catchy cover letter is not rocket science; it is an art. However, it is not that difficult to master this art if you know how to go about writing it.

Top 6 Tips On Crafting A Cover Letter

Here are some of the top tips on crafting a cover letter, it may help you get started.

1. The Opening Line Matters

The opening line should be creative elucidating your passion, commitment, and skill set that is needed for the job you are applying to. You don’t have to include your name in the first line; it should be about giving a rational reason to the employer for hiring you. But don’t flatter yourself by using text that has unnecessary self-praise; words like “best” and “top” should be avoided when mentioning your accomplishments.

2. Focus On What You Can Do For The Company

Instead of using the cover letter telling the employer about the promising perks of the job; describe how you want to contribute your share in an organization’s growth and success. The recruiting team would be interested to know how well you can fit in the position and what will be your strategy to fulfill the responsibilities that are akin to a job. Make sure not to blow your trumpet too hard and don’t make the promises you can’t possibly fulfill.

3. Write A Custom Cover Letter For Each Application

Recycling the cover letter content for the first job application to be used with slight tweaks for other applications would save you time and effort. But the employers would appreciate the enthusiasm that you can convey through a custom cover letter. Using generic content would give employers the hint that you are applying for every other job. So don’t make the mistake of using the same text.

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4. Avoid Using Formal Salutations And Greetings

You might come across cover letter examples that start with the names of addressees and formal greeting sentences. For every industry, the tone for addressing the hiring manager can vary, and you have to follow the rules accordingly. However, make sure not to use the salutations like “Dear Sir/Madam.” Use the first and last name of the person and make sure to double-check the spellings. Don’t piss off the addressee by creating your version of his/her name.

5. Be Open To Creativity

Utilize your creative energy to come up with varying ideas for the cover letters that have to be paired with different applications. You can, for instance, highlight your entrepreneurial potential and skills when applying to a startup company. Think outside the box on how you can make the content engaging and differentiating. Don’t hesitate to experiment; you can use bullet points, storytelling, and other techniques for writing the cover letter.

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6. Don’t Get Carried Away With Excitement

Do express your willingness and enthusiasm for the job in your cover letter, but don’t use words that imply an overly casual attitude. Using phrases like “super excited” may make your job application sound like a teenager’s Instagram post about an upcoming concert. Be careful with your choice of adverbs and adjectives.


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