Creating A Professional Resume That Is Attention-Grabbing

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Composing an amazing professional resume that grabs the attention of any hiring manager is an important step in anyone’s career. They are a very important document when you are looking out for new job opportunities. Even if you want to step ahead in your career field you need a resume. However, writing the perfect resume is difficult. This why resume templates that we have like our help immensely. 

They help those who are confused about where to begin and where to end. Our resume builder and amazing resume templates will guide you from start to end. Now, creating a professional resume that is powerful and modern is easier than ever. The hiring manager will find yours attractive.

Is Creating A Professional Resume Using Templates A Good Idea?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a resume maker and a resume template to compose your version of the resume:

1. No Fiddling With The Format

Resume builders are a great way to make a perfect resume, as they are fully automatic. You do not have to work the difficult way to create and organize your resume. You do not have to fiddle with the processor at all because our resume maker does it for you. All you have to do is enter your information in the form and it will automatically format all of it properly to fit the template.

2. Eye-Catching Predesigned Templates

One more reason why a resume builder is a blessing is that they have thousands of predesigned professional yet modern templates for you. Build Resume Online offers a wide variety of templates to help you create a perfect resume whether you work in the marketing sector or the creative sector. Our resume builder does it all for you.

3. It Is Customizable

If you are using one of our amazing templates, it does not mean that you cannot change the fonts, colors, and sizes of your information. Our templates are fully customizable and you can change them and customize them any way you want. It lets you stay true to your personality but still creates an impactful resume. 

4. Keyword Optimization

Resume builders are a great way to add current and trendy keywords to your resume. Keywords are a very important element of any resume. Most hiring managers use the software, which helps them to target documents that highlight exactly what they are looking for in a candidate.

5. Time-Saver

Resume builders are a great way of creating a professional resume quickly. You do not have to manually organize your resume nor have to fiddle with the format. This saves a lot of time and is very hassle-free. It only takes a few minutes to construct an eye-catching resume for you to attract hiring managers. 

Now you know why you should use a resume maker and a resume template. Because it is such an easy way to compose the perfect resume.

Having a perfect resume on hand is very important if you want to grab your dream job. That is only possible if you know how to make a professional resume. Fill it perfectly with all your qualification and work experiences in a properly organized way.

A professional resume is very crucial to attract the attention of any hiring manager and impress him/her. Therefore, now moving forward, we are going to tell you how to fill up your resume properly and highlight all the important details. Start creating a perfect professional resume, and attention-grabbing.

How To Fill Your Resume On Resume Templates

It is necessary to take some moments to prep for your job application. Your resume can just be as effective as the details you or the writer needs to work with. Gather the preceding information in advance to build a powerful document that efficiently tells your vision and presents your expertise to help you get your dream work done.

1. Your Contact Details

Although this portion may sound clear, you need to make a few considerations. For example, how are you going to show your name? Are you intending to use a pseudonym, such as Bob, or are you going to use your full name for a career search?

Whatever you pick, make sure that you regularly show your name on all of your branding products. Use business cards, LinkedIn accounts, web portfolios, or blogs. Pick one email address and one contact number to attach to your resume.

We recommend setting up an email address for your employment operations and using your mobile phone number on your application. This allows you the power to monitor the voicemail call when one picks up the phone, and how often.

2. Provide Your Online Presence

A Jobvite Social Recruitment Study showed that 93% of hiring managers would check your online accounts before they plan to meet you. Save a little time by including the link to your profile pages like LinkedIn. Apart from your LinkedIn account, the ideal resume should contain any links that are important to your careers, such as your MySpace page, portfolios, or website. If your job includes social media, you can have connections to other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.

3. A Proper Job Description

When creating a professional resume, customize it to achieve a particular career objective. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your resume gets attention is by making your job descriptions easy to read. The hiring manager should be able to see what job you are participating in and skilled to do. Check online and pick a few work posts that reflect the kind of position you are seeking. It does not matter if the place is ideal. You will only be dealing with the job description and the specifications for this reason.

4. Hard And Soft Skills

What technical tools and applications skills do you have? List all the things that contribute to your work. Be as descriptive and as detailed as possible. This list may contain everything from social media sites to project management systems and programming languages. If you are familiar with different designing software and coding languages, list them as well.

5. Your Work Expertise

When creating a professional resume, begin with your latest job and work your path out. The best resume should have details of all your career roles in the last 15 years. If you have joined the military or held a cabinet post, list this experience, as you would mention some other job in your history of employment. If you have just graduated from university, mention your apprenticeships and other job experience that has taken place since you started university. You need to add the following things in your work experience section:

  • Name of the company
  • Starting and end dates
  • Job title and position
  • Job description
  • Achievements and accolades

6. Your Voluntary Work

Have you been personally interested in volunteering for a non-profit organization? Skills-based volunteering (SBV) is a perfect way to fill a working void or contribute to your work experience while you are looking to improve your future.

Please note; list any voluntary work you have completed that is important to your current job objectives in chronological order, starting with your most recent experience. If you are new to the workforce, add any campus events or groups in which you have been involved.

7. Lastly, Download It In The Best Resume File Type

One of the most important things before dropping your resume at your dream job is to download the resume in the best resume file type. We have added a little piece of advice for the best resume file type down below.

Which Is The Best Resume File Type?

First things first – before creating a professional resume lookout for the file format at the company career section where you are applying for a job. If there is a given file format, download your resume in it. However, if there is no file format required, you have two options. They are WORD and PDF file formats. Here are the pros and cons of both:

Word Resume File Format

Pros Of Word Resume File Format:

  • It can be easy to access on different devices and gadgets.
  • An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can easily read word files.
  • Many companies want their candidates to send their resumes in a word file.

Cons Of Word Resume File Format:

  • The format of the word file can be mess up if opened on software. If the hiring manager does not open your word file in word software, your one-page resume change into two pages. Changing the fonts and their sizes can make a big mess.
  • Word file is editable.

PDF Resume File Format

Pros Of PDF Resume File Format:

  • PDF format can never mess up and the format and structures always stay preserved.
  • PDF file format is compatible with all devices and accessible on different systems and gadgets.
  • The documents look cleaner and more professional.
  • You can be creative when making a resume on PDF and use different software to personalize your resume. 

Cons Of PDF Resume File Format:

  • It is a rare issue but sometimes ATS can face a little trouble in reading your resume. Some old ATS can leave out your creative and graphics features. 


We hope this guide will help you with creating a professional resume. It will be attention-grabbing yet professional, which is very important if you want to achieve your dream job. Make sure to properly read and follow all the tips and make a resume, which highlights your qualifications, skills, and work experience.


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