Creative Resume Writing Ideas

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In this post, we will discuss creative resume writing ideas and inspirational resume drafts for professionals.

How To Make Resume Creative & Inspiring?

Have you ever wondered why you feel intrigued to watch a movie that has an interesting poster or trailer? Why you feel inclined into reading a book with a catchy cover? Why do you want to watch a TV show that got your attention with just one episode? The answer is the first and lasting impression that got imprinted on your mind and piqued your curiosity.

You need the same kind of inspiring content and appeal for your job resume. Take it as an ad, a short film, or a professional biopic that has to grab the attention of recruiters and employers.

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What It Takes To Create A Creative Resume?

here is the list of top 5 creative resume ideas.

  • Think of a Distinctive Skill or Talent
  • Tell a Gripping Story
  • A Powerful Professional Resume Objective
  • Cut the Crap
  • Tweak and Tailor your Resume

Want to know how to add a “wow’ factor to your resume, here are some tips!

Think Of A Distinctive Skill Or Talent

Put yourself in a hiring manager’s shoes and think about the tiring task of looking out for “better” professional profiles. You should have something differentiating on your resume that gets instantly noticed. Listing the same skills and talents as others wouldn’t make your job application stand out. Do the brainstorming session with yourself and try to find at least 2-3 strengths that you can flaunt on your profile. Make sure that the qualities are professional; a recruiter wouldn’t be interested in your best scores in social media’s dumbest challenges.

Tell A Gripping Story

Storytelling is the most effective technique to pitch a product and build a brand. You can use it for making your job resume impressive and recallable. Use a narrative to tell when and how you started the career and what have you accomplished so far. Don’t use wordy sentences and a way too informal a tone; you aren’t writing fiction or poetry. You can make a rough outline of all the details that you want to share in different sections. Create a story to connect your academics to work experience, skills, and achievements.

A Powerful Professional Resume Objective

The objective of your resume has to be engaging if you want the recruiting manager to go through all other sections. The statement is like a ticket to your movie, if you succeed in selling it you can make the movie a hit too. You can take a look at the samples and examples of how people write their resume objectives. Think about something that makes you different from the crowd. The statement should be powerful; it must convince the hiring team and employers that you are worth this position.

Cut The Crap

During resume writing, you should avoid stretching details and making up narcissistic claims. Stay honest and factual when describing the academic background, work history, and accomplishments/awards. You can’t win a job interview by lying and making too good to be true claims about your competence.

Learn more about why you shouldn’t lie on your resume

Organizations prefer people who are honest if you have a work gap; don’t try to cover it with confusing explanations. You shouldn’t exaggerate your proficiency for a skill.

Tweak And Tailor Your Resume

Use the resume to give reasons to recruiters and employers to hire you. That doesn’t mean that you have to brag about your professionalism. Read the keywords within the job post carefully to understand the requirements of a position. You should tailor the different sections accordingly to match your profile with the job skills and responsibilities you intend to apply for. You shouldn’t make tweaks just for the sake of getting attention, if you don’t have a certain certification or experience, don’t make it up.

Use a professional resume template for making the text easy to read and scan for the hiring staff.

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