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Professional Resume Needs An “About Me” Section

Don’t you feel intrigued to know about the author before starting a book? When getting online products or services, you check the “About Us” section to know if a vendor is experienced and skilled. Now imagine a recruiter getting hundreds of job applications against the advertised post. If your resume would have a compelling “about me” it will leave an impression right there.

The statement would also give an instant idea about your professional experience, skills, and aspirations. It will save the hiring managers and employers the time and effort to go through the details if you have concluded it well.

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How To Write About Me In Resume?

The best way to go about writing a powerful statement is to know what it should include. Think about work history, soft and hard skills, accomplishments, and the goals that you want to talk about. Imagine yourself in the interview room and try writing the answer to the popular question, “Tell about yourself?” Once you get a rough outline of the details you want to flaunt, work on making them better, brief, and appealing.

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The tips in this post will make it easy for you to write a rocking “about me” section on your resume!

1- Building Your Professional Brand


However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with proving yourself the only extraordinary eligible candidate for a position.

2- Quantify The Work Experience


3- Highlight The Skills That Are Required

Modify your “about me” section according to the job description you are applying for. The skills, certifications, and experience should be relevant to the position. Don’t make the statement look like a keyword summary with overly used buzzwords. Avoid fabricating the information and don’t lie for proving yourself super smart and talented. Recruiting managers and employers are very well-aware of the lying tendency of job applicants; they can easily tell if they are being lied to. Don’t ruin your credibility and tarnish your repute by making up stories on the resume.

4- Give A Sneak Peek Of Your Goals



5- Don’t Drag The Section

It Will Makes It Repetitive And Uninteresting


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