How To Improve A Professional Resume?

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Simple Tweaks To Improve Your Professional Resume

If you have been actively applying for the jobs and haven’t heard back from any of the employers, revisit your resume. There is always room for improvement and maybe what looks to you as perfect work history or amazing professional skills aren’t that appealing for the target readers. Maybe the length of different sections needs to be stretched? In this post, you will learn how to improve a professional resume? We have some simple tips that will help you

  • Don’t Overlook the Placement of Buzzwords
  • Use a Clear and Comprehensible Professional Resume Header
  • Are you using “Call to Action”?
  • Don’t use Funky Formats
  • Professional Summary for Resume

Don’t Overlook The Placement Of Buzzwords

Yes, you know that placing the keywords on your resume would make it noticeable for the hiring managers, but are you doing it the right way? Many people stuff unnecessary buzzwords in every single section which makes the resume look like a word puzzle game. If you are making the same mistake during resume writing, it is definitely the reason your job application is getting ignored. Go through a job post carefully, highlight the keywords, and use 2-3 of them in sections where they make sense.

We provide helpful resume templates according to your choice.

Use A Clear And Comprehensible Professional Resume Header

The information on the resume header ought to be clear and readable. Make sure that your contact details are listed accurately and you haven’t missed any character from the email address or a number from your phone number. The LinkedIn profile can be added to your resume if you have a well-written and updated profile.

Do not mention unnecessary social media profile links on your resume, the recruiters wouldn’t be interested in your fishing trip and dine out pictures and posts.

Are You Using “Call To Action”?

Your resume is about marketing yourself right away. If you aren’t using stats and figures to embellish your professional achievements and competence, employers aren’t likely to get convinced that you are worthy of a position. Use verifiable details and numbers, don’t be that canny marketer that tries fooling the audience with too good to be true claims.

A recruiter can confirm with your ex-employer if you magically made record sales of 100,000$ during Christmas times.

Don’t Use Funky Formats

If you think that resume formatting is a minute detail that doesn’t matter, you are wrong. Without using a professional resume template, you will not be able to make your details worthy of reading for the hiring teams and employers. Avoid using stylish font styles; you are not participating in a poetry festival. The layout should have a proper structure, use bullets instead of long paragraphs and sentences.

Pick up a resume template from our online resume builder to make your resume striking.

Professional Summary For Resume

A compelling resume summary or objective is vital for making your professional profile different from the pile of countless applicants. When writing the summary or objective statement, focus on displaying the skills that an employer finds relevant to the position, and admirable in a resource.

Don’t turn the statement into an abstract piece of art that confuses the readers. Your resume summary or objective shouldn’t be wordy or lengthy. If you feel the block when writing it, don’t push yourself for finishing it in one go. Make a list of all your skills and knowledge that you think can interest the employers, try creating a 2-liner using the words you have.

Improve the text by tweaking it according to the job description. You will witness visible clarity and improvement in the content after this simple exercise.

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