Resume Writing Checklist

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What do you think a rocking resume have? What are the must to include details that will make it worth noticing for a recruiter? You need to draft a resume that is professional, impressive, and markets you well without annoying the hiring managers. So how do you want to go about putting and placing the right information creatively on your resume? We have compiled a resume checklist to get you started!

Checklist For Resume Writing

Here is the checklist for writing a professional resume

  • Use Numbers where you can
  • Don’t Sell yourself too Short
  • Highlight your Soft Skills on the Job Resume
  • Brand yourself wisely
  • Use Relevant and Rich Details
  • Ensure your Resume is All Device Friendly
  • Keep your Resume Long and Sweet
  • Don’t Forget to Proofread

Use Numbers Where You Can

Numbers, stats, figures play a significant role in validating a point or boosting your accomplishments. You have to use numbers to quantify your career progress. Telling the employers blandly about your contributions to the marketing or sales department you worked in, wouldn’t be enough to leave an impression.

Don’t Sell Yourself Too Short

Your professional resume shouldn’t be full of self-praise and narcissistic phrases but don’t adopt a too modest approach either. Be a smart marketer that compels the customers into liking a product by creating value for it. Don’t push the employers to buy you, don’t be a bundled up deal that is on discount, sell yourself as a worthwhile product that is much needed and has utility.

Highlight Your Soft Skills On The Job Resume

If you have creativity, leadership, problem-solving, and other soft skills, display them on your online resume maker. An employer wouldn’t want a candidate with just the job-specific skills, an emotionally intelligent person would be able to adapt and work better in any organization.

Job Skills For Resume

Here is the list of top 8 job skills for a resume

  1. Creativity
  2. Leadership
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Flexibility
  5. Teamwork skills
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Effective Communication skills
  8. Emotional Intelligence

Brand Yourself Wisely

A well-written and attention-grabbing career objective or summary would tell the employers about your professional and personal traits. Make sure to tailor the text according to the position you are applying for. Brand yourself using the buzzwords that an employer is looking for, but don’t use too many of them as it will tarnish your professional image.

Use Relevant And Rich Details

The information you share in different sections of your resume should be interesting, informal, and detailed. You can use storytelling for making your work experience, accomplishments, and skills worth reading for the recruiters. Don’t use irrelevant details like if you have been delivering food at the start of your career or worked at a retail store as a cashier. The work history should be relevant to the job opening you are interested in.

Ensure Your Resume Is All Device Friendly

Make it easier for the recruiters to access and open your resume on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Do test your resume to check its device friendliness before attaching it with the job application.

Keep Your Resume Long And Sweet

A long resume can benefit you in several ways. You can showcase your career development, personality, and skills better with a descriptive resume. Make sure not to turn it into a thesis though, no one has the time to read a dragged-out document.

Don’t Forget To Proofread

Language and spelling errors are common while writing, even if you are using the most dependable tools. Do read the text of your resume twice or more to ensure there are no typos, grammatical, sentence structure, punctuation, and other mistakes. Don’t ruin your job application by sending a resume full of misspelled words; it will make an employer think you need tutoring or glasses.

Better to use free resume templates for structuring the text and improving its readability.

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