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In today’s post, you will learn how to make your one-page resume work your way to get that job you have been dreaming of.

Should A Resume Be One Page?

If you have just started your career or don’t have years of work experience to flaunt on your online resume, thinking about how to stretch the length? Maybe you should mention all your academic achievements to make it to two or more pages? How about enlightening the employers about your skills in detail? These and many other thoughts would be boggling your mind but no rule book says length makes a resume winning. You need to focus on adding worthwhile details and placing them rightly.

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How Long A Job Resume Should Be?

The length of a resume can or can’t be the reason to land you a job. Having a single page is preferred by some hiring managers as it is quick to view. The reason that one page can make your resume look less appealing is that it can give the impression that you are inexperienced and don’t have much to display on different sections.

If you don’t have the work experience spanning a decade or more, go with the one-page resume. Here are some tips you can consider!

Don’t Use Repetitive And Long Sentences

You should start by writing the details for every section on your resume. Don’t think about trimming the length at the end, avoid using fluff so that you don’t have to make edits time and again. Keep the sentences short, know your word limit so that you don’t write additional lines for any section. Don’t turn it into a précis writing assignment though.

Tailor Your Professional Resume Against A Job Opening

Closely read the job ad and highlight your experience, professional skills, and accomplishments that are relevant to the position. Modify the different sections so that a recruiter finds your resume intriguing and impressive.

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Don’t Clutter The Sections With Countless Bullet Points

Bullet points are a great way to offer short and sweet details about your work experience, skills, and education. Using too many of them would make your resume look like a grocery list with extra instructions.

During resume writing save the space by using 3-4 bullet points when listing experience, professional accomplishments, and other details.

Avoid Giving References And Mentioning Personal Interests

Limited space on your resume means you have to make the most of it for grabbing the attention of the employers. Don’t waste it by giving references and details of your hobbies, religion, and marital status. The recruiters and employers would be interested in the personality traits that make you a dependable and valuable resource. Skip unnecessary information that makes your resume look like a matrimony ad.

Use A Resume Template That Fits your Details

Look for the best website to resume template that can adjust all of your sections on a single page. There are design options available with smaller fonts and margins. Instead of using a tiny font size yourself, take help from the tools.
A bonus tip is you should leave off the address and shorten the career summary without making it bland.

You need to read the resume twice or more to check if it looks complete, if you get the vibe that something is missing, view all the sections again. Don’t try making tweaks and improvements in one go, take your time and keep on revisiting it until you feel it is good enough to be sent along with a cover letter.


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