sending resume email

Dos and Don’ts of Emailing your Professional Resume

The first thing that a recruiter or employer will read when opening your job application would be the email text. You can make or break the impression right there. Unfortunately, many candidates don’t pay attention to choosing a compelling subject or making the content gripping. If you have…

resume format for job

Resume Format for Jobs during COVID-19

Creating a Job Winning Professional Resume The job market is not the same since the COVID outbreak started. Industries like tourism, hospitality, and travel are downsizing to survive the setback. There are sectors like healthcare, online retail businesses, and tech that have benefited from the pandemic. So the…

personal branding

Tips and Tricks on Personal Branding through your Professional Resume

In the competitive and oversaturated job market, it is not easy to make your professional profile stand out. The dynamics of hiring are changing; organizations prefer resources that can gel well in the company culture and contribute creative ideas. So do you think that a conventionally written resume…

resume writing rules

Resume Writing Rules

5 Common Resume Writing Rules you shouldn’t break Your resume can make or break the first impression that you are keen to give to recruiters and employers. A job application full of clichéd terms, a confusing objective, and a bland cover letter would go straight to the bin….

update your resume

Why You Need to Update Your Resume Regularly?

How to Update your Professional Resume? Don’t you get eager to update your phone’s software to increase its efficiency? You get bored of the same hairstyle and attire and change them on frequent intervals to look better. The yearning for change is inherently there and it compels you…

professional profile resume

Professional Profile Resume Writing Guide

Maintain a Consistent Tone in your Professional Profile The tone of content plays a significant role in making an idea, a sales pitch, or a story interesting for the readers. Would you continue reading a book that has a bizarre tone? Think about your job resume as a…

Creative Resume

Creative Resume Writing Ideas

In this post, we will discuss the creative resume writing ideas and inspirational resume draft for professionals. How to Make Resume Creative & Inspiring? Have you ever wondered why you feel intrigued to watch a movie that has an interesting poster or trailer? Why you feel inclined into…


Tell About Yourself in Interview

How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself in an Interview Many interviewers would like to know the person you are beyond what they perceive from your resume and tell about yourself in an interview. The popular open-ended question is often asked from the candidates, “Tell something about yourself…

resume writing myths

Resume Writing Myths

Busting the Common Resume Writing Myths Creating an attention-grabbing resume is nothing less than a challenge with so many tips, tricks, and myths. You get lost between the countless guidelines, some of which would be contradictory leading to more confusion. To keep your sanity and motivation during writing…

words to avoid in resume

Words to Avoid in Resume

What are the cliche words to avoid on your Professional Resume? The pressure of job hunt often gets to you. It can compel you to use words and phrases on your resume that are cliched or annoying. In an attempt to embellish your skills, professional talents, and accomplishments,…