Communication Skills

Communication Skills In Resume

How To Add Communication Skills In A Resume? Effective communication is a must-have for a successful professional and personal life. Every job description explicitly or not too obviously demands effective communication skills. If you are good at communicating using your writing and speech, that needs to be highlighted…

Improve your Professional Resume

How To Improve A Professional Resume?

Simple Tweaks To Improve Your Professional Resume If you have been actively applying for the jobs and haven’t heard back from any of the employers, revisit your resume. There is always room for improvement and maybe what looks to you as perfect work history or amazing professional skills…

one page resume

One Page Resume

In today’s post, you will learn how to make your one-page resume work your way to get that job you have been dreaming of. Should A Resume Be One Page? If you have just started your career or don’t have years of work experience to flaunt on your…

resume writing mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Resume

You don’t have to turn your resume into a biopic that includes anything and everything about your life. Recruiters and employers are interested in details that give them an insight into your professional skills, work history, and personality traits. Sharing your hobbies and religion on your resume wouldn’t…

motivation letter in resume

How To Write A Motivation Letter

What Is A Motivation Letter A rocking motivation letter will make your resume shine but do you know how to make it compelling for employers? A motivation letter sounds cliché but you need one to stand out among the pile of job applications that recruiters receive every day….

extracurricular activities in resume

Extracurricular Activities In Resume

Have you been avidly participating in extracurricular activities? Were you in the school’s dramatic society or sports club? Why not highlight your fun side on your resume? Don’t undermine the importance of minute yet significant details that can tell an employer about your personality and skills. There are…

resume power words

Resume Power Words

Power Words For Resume Summary Do you have all that is required to become the right candidate for a job? How do you want to go about proving that to the employer? Your resume is a key to the door for your bright future. That key has to…

lying on resume

Lying On Resume

When You Lie On Your Resume Exaggerating your skills and accomplishments on the resume isn’t likely to help you with landing a job. Making fabricated claims about your competence might get you considered for an interview but the recruiters and employers are quite smart to judge your lies….

resume checklist

Resume Writing Checklist

What do you think a rocking resume have? What are the must to include details that will make it worth noticing for a recruiter? You need to draft a resume that is professional, impressive, and markets you well without annoying the hiring managers. So how do you want…

resume writing guide

Resume Writing Guide

Your resume should be a manifestation of your professional capabilities. What do you think an employer looks for in a “right” candidate? There are a bunch of skills that are required for different jobs. How do you want to go about proving your competence? You should have a…