What Are You Passionate About?

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Describing Your Passion In Words To An Interviewee

Many recruiters and employers would shoot the question, “What are you passionate about”? A lot must be coming to your mind, binge-watching your favorite TV show, or having your favorite food (who doesn’t like eating). The interviewee isn’t interested in your fun or leisure time activities. The question is asked to scan your personality and if you can be a worthwhile addition to an organization.

Why Interviewee Asked, “What Are You Passionate About”

In the post, you will get some passionate words to share with the employers without having to lie or fabricate the details. But first, you need to understand why this question is asked.

1. Knowing The Real You

Asking about your passion hints that a person wants to know the real you. The details on your resume templates are about your academic, professional accomplishments, and talents. An employer wants to know you beyond what is written on your profile. That doesn’t mean you have to share your way too informal side, your ability to crack jokes or create memes on Facebook.

Most organizations don’t hunt just efficient resources; they prefer talented individuals who can contribute toward business growth by sharing creative ideas.

2. What Motivates And Inspires You

The question is also asked to know a candidate’s aspirations. If you are a go-getter and dream big, that makes you a valuable resource that can help an organization achieve its goals. Dreamers, entrepreneurs, and innovators are the people employers prefer and if you are one of these, you have to answer the question with details that validate it.

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What Should Be Included In The Answer To “What Are You Passionate About”

The question is put forth to get an idea about your personal and work values. It is asked to know how enthusiastic you are as a professional and what makes you different from other candidates. Next thing, what does passion imply? Should it be a hobby, an idea, or an intellectual pursuit you feel inclined to. If you like painting, gardening, cooking, that is a hobby, not a passion. You can be keen to learn something new, do a degree but does that qualify for your passion?

Can a charitable or noble cause that you want to contribute toward be mentioned as a passion? The best way to identify is what amount of time, willingness, effort, and resources you want to put in pursuing an activity or idea.

Be clear about an entrepreneurial venture, a cause that can bring greater good, or learning a new language, if that is what you feel passionate about. Once you find clarity, be prepared for the questions that might follow if an interviewee finds the answer interesting.

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Mistakes While Answering “What Are You Passionate About?”

Your passion can be misunderstood by employers, so it is important to use a clear statement with an explanation that why it is your passion.

For instance, mentioning your dream of having a business of your own might give the employers an idea that you need the job solely for the sake of managing finances. They might think that you wouldn’t put in hard work to give it your 100 percent. So be meticulous with picking the answer.

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Can You Add Passionate Words In Job Resume?

Yes, you can mention it in a line within your resume summary or objective section but don’t stretch it to a paragraph. A one-two-liner about what inspires you or a professional dream you want to pursue would make your resume compelling.

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