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In this post, you will learn how to write a professional summary for a resume.

Grab Employers’ Attention With An Intriguing Resume Summary

A catchy intro makes a literary piece worth reading, an ad worth watching, and a professional profile worth considering. If you have been undermining the importance of a rocking introduction on your resume, it might be the only reason keeping you away from standing out.

While the content in all the sections ought to be creatively compelling but the statement at the beginning should persuade the recruiters to read more.

How To Write A Resume Summary?

This post is about writing a powerful resume intro, a simple tip is to finish the other sections and make time and effort for it afterward.

  • Picking the Right Line
  • Conveying the Message Effectively
  • An appealing professional intro
  • Writing the Resume Title

Picking The Right Line

You get conscious when meeting someone for the first time. When it’s a date you are quite particular about leaving an impression right? You think about a pickup line that is not too cheesy but makes the other person like you. Just like that, choose a line for your professional introduction. It should complement your personality, accomplishments, and aspirations.

Don’t get carried away by being too informal, to make it easier; write three or more variations to define yourself.

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Conveying The Message Effectively

If you are clear about the resume intro statement that you want to state, the next step is how to convey the message that gets comprehended the way you want. The choice of words matters, you can’t use terms with confusing connotations. Whether it is the resume objective, summary, or headline that you intend to use, make sure that the sentences aren’t wordy or misleading for the recruiting managers and employers.

Clarity is an important element that you should focus on when writing an intro for your resume with an online resume builder.

An Appealing Professional Intro

If you have described your professional history and accomplishments using bullet points, pick the worthwhile details. An appealing intro should give an insight into your professional proficiency, experience, and hard/soft skills along with what you aspire to do. There needs to be a balance between all these elements, the statement shouldn’t be solely about the skills or your work history, neither should it include only your accomplishments.

Writing The Resume Title

The resume header or title is a one-liner that goes under your contact details. It is an important part of the introduction or perception that you want to build about yourself. If you don’t have any clue where to start and what to write, try three-four words that sum up your professionalism and personality. Don’t flatter yourself by using words like charismatic, amazing, and sagacious.

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Motivated, bilingual, efficient are some of the words you can use. The title statement should have the years of experience and any award you have to endorse your accomplishments and potential.
For example,

This title gives a recruiter an instant insight into a resource’s ability and work history. If it is relevant to a position’s requirements, the candidate would get shortlisted immediately.

Quick Resume Writing Tips

Choosing between the resume summary or objective is your call. Once you are done with the pick, follow these tips

  • Don’t turn the intro into a biopic essay, keep it short, write a paragraph, and keep on trimming it until you have 4 lines.
  • Read the job post carefully, add buzzwords where you can but don’t stuff them for the sake of appearing in search results.
  • The statement should include what you can do or want to do for an organization. The plans should not be building castles in the air, keep them real and believable.

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