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How To Write A Professional Profile For Your Resume

Maintain A Consistent Tone In Your Professional Profile Resume

The tone of content plays a significant role in making an idea, a sales pitch, or a story interesting for the readers. Would you continue reading a book that has a bizarre tone? Think about your job resume as a piece of writing that needs to have appeal, uniqueness, and professionalism. Using inconsistent language within the different sections would make it easy for the recruiters to lose interest.

The first time when you write about your professional skills and accomplishments, the tone might get very enthusiastic. The next day you might not be in the same mood and after adding to details, the context of your professional profile resume might seem very formal.

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Tips On Writing A Professional Profile Resume

Here are some tips on creating a professional profile resume.

  • Do not Use Personal Pronouns
  • Have a Powerful Objective on your Professional Resume
  • The Text shouldn’t have an Uncertain Tone
  • Don’t use a Dull and Bland Tone
  • Avoid using Passive Voice

1- Do Not Use Personal Pronouns

The pronouns like “I”, “Me” and “You” should be avoided in your resume. Using too much “I” in the text would make it a biopic. It will also give a hint that you are full of yourself and the tone would get narcissistic which is not good for your job application. Use action words where you have to describe your competence, talents, and awards. Do not use words like amazing, awesome, and terrific to embellish the details, you aren’t writing an Instagram caption.

2- Have A Powerful Objective On Your Professional Resume

The statement of your resume’s objective would be meticulously read by the hiring team and employers. You have to build the tone of your text right there; it should be positive, energetic, and engaging. Do not make it too wordy to comprehend, there shouldn’t be keyword stuffing either. Define your professional self and elaborate it using your work history and skills to create an appealing resume objective.

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3- The Text Shouldn’t Have An Uncertain Tone

Leaving blank spaces and using confusing words within the text of your resume would affect your credibility. The words like maybe, few, and some would leave the readers to assume what they want. When listing a professional achievement, you should use a number. Unquantifiable information on your professional profile would lead to confusion and uncertainty. If you want the unclear words on your resume to get interpreted by the recruiters positively, cross your fingers to be in luck because you will need it.

4- Don’t Use A Dull And Bland Tone

Having a lot of repetitive and commonly used adjectives on your resume would make it dull and uninteresting. During resume writing, you should avoid using the same terms over and over again. Using the word motivated a dozen times in every section wouldn’t convince the hiring team that you have an extraordinary motivation level. Even if you are not a linguist, explore the adjectives and synonyms for the words you intend to use more in your resume.

5- Avoid Using Passive Voice

Passive voice has become an obsolete way of writing expression. You shouldn’t use it to mention your professional proficiencies, work experience, and skills. Use verbs that imply action to make your point. Use a resume maker for checking out templates and other tools that can help you.

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Proofread your resume and cover letter to check the tone. Ask a friend or family member to read again and share honest feedback with you. If you feel that there is still something missing or not right, don’t push yourself for making changes the same day. Wake up the next morning, have a cup of coffee, and then think about the words and phrases that need to get deleted or replaced.

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