Tips To Make A Professional Teacher Resume

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If you want to become a teacher and pursue your career in the field of teaching, you should make sure to have certain information to be included in your resume. We are here with tips on how to make the best professional teacher resume to get the best jobs available.

Teachers deal with many different types of students and in different circumstances, so they require an extensive range of skills and capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to include these skills in detail in the teacher’s resume. Based on the detail, every teacher’s resume is different depending on the type of teacher and the environment in which she/he is teaching. Now it has become very easy to design an attractive teaching resume using online tools, templates, and themes.

Features Of A Professional Teacher Resume

A teacher’s resume includes different sections with all the information written in a practical way. Simplicity in presentation helps the hiring manager see you as the best candidate for the post. The basic elements are as follow:

  • Contact information
  • Qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Teaching skills
  • Achievements
  • Awards
  • Certifications

Before starting to write a professional resume for teachers, gather all the necessary information. Do a proper research about the school or any other institution where you want to work. Then design the content of the resume according to your findings. The following tips will help you prepare a professional teaching resume, helping you to reflect on your writing and communication skills.

Search For Sample Of Professional Teacher Resume

Before starting to design your resume, you can seek help from the samples of teaching resumes available online. They are of great help, as you can model your resume after carefully going through those sample resumes. They will also give you an idea about the style of resumes that employers are currently reviewing. Make sure not to copy the phrases or clauses from the examples, just follow the style.

Numbers Are Important

The numbers are very important for the teacher’s resume. You must quantify certain things on your resume. Such as the years of your teaching experience, the level of grades/classes you have taught. Mention the number of sports or clubs you have coached, and the workshops or conferences you attended.

Use Reverse Sequential Order For Work History

While writing your work history section, keep in mind to start with the current or the very recent job you have done. Employers are quite interested in your working experience, specifically the date or year of employment, so make sure to include them.

Emphasis On Awards And Accomplishments

Any award you have won or any certification you have will illuminate the overall impact of your resume on the employer. If you considered the skills and experience as the king, then these certifications and awards are the symbol of your excellence and make you stand out as a potential teacher.

Skills Are Specific

Some of the common skills that teachers must include in their resume include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing/editing skills
  • Patience level
  • Good Nurturing ability

Although the above-mentioned skills are not specific to a professional resume for teachers, but try to relate them with practical examples in your resume. This will make a good impression. Moreover, instead of using soft skills, use some relevant skills useful for the job and you can go further in detail in a teaching resume. If you have any experience in extracurricular activities, you can also include them such as directing a school play, working as a sports coach, or having expertise in any other language.

Experience With Technology

The impact of technology on students is very prominent nowadays. Moreover, we cannot ignore the rising importance of technology in schools and colleges. Many programs and software have developed recently, which are helpful for the students in learning. They are also beneficial for teaching and the entire educational system. Think of such software such as MS office, different search engines, and social media platforms you used any time before applying to this job. Adding them to a professional resume for teachers is a great idea.

Include A Cover Letter

A cover letter is a chance for you to put a good initial impression on the employers. So, customize it according to the teaching post you are applying for. You must consider several points while writing a cover letter. Consider the different aspects of the authority you are interested in, the orientation of your qualifications with the requirements in the job posting, and the role you play in the betterment of the company.

Make sure to elaborate on your working experience. Be specific and add details about every section you wrote in your resume. The cover letter should not be less than a page.

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A Short Professional Teacher Resume

There is no need to choke your professional resume for teachers with unnecessary details. Just add relevant detail including your job experience or useful skill that makes you a better candidate for the position. It should not be too long or too short, keeping it to a maximum of two pages.

The main idea of a resume is to give the reader a quick look at your personality. It must highlight what you are going to offer to this job. Adding anything further to it will become obnoxious and boring.

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A Perfectly Formatted And Error-Free Resume

As you want your students to have good writing skills, your resume should also be well formatted and free of any kind of spelling and grammar error. Your name must be the biggest thing on the resume. Keep all the headings clear, bold, and in larger fonts. Delineate different sections using the dividing lines.

Go for a proofread of your professional resume for teachers and make sure it should be free of any spelling and grammar mistakes. Double-check your tenses and all the subject-verb combinations. Still, if you are feeling any difficulty, you can use our resume templates for the start-up of your application.

In the end, we wish you good luck with your future teaching career.


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