How To Make Sure You Get An Interview Call

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Searching for a good job is a tough process, which might make you feel frustrated sometimes. You put all your heart and soul over your cover letter and professional resume and devote maximum time to making them perfect and impeccable. Even then, you receive no response from the recruiters and start wondering. Here you will learn how to create a resume for an interview and get an interview call.

How can I get an interview call with a resume?

In a world full of competition, your resume needs to be standout. You must start thinking differently and modify your approach. Avoid your timid behavior and act as a strong applicant if you want employers to notice you.

Here are some of the tactics you should follow in your professional resume to make sure you get an interview call.

1- Develop Connections In The Industry

Popular job postings displayed on different websites and career boards tend to enhance competition in the industry. One way to keep your hands on the job listings before other applicants do and to get to know about the less advertised job openings is by developing connections in the industry.

For this, look for and join online groups and communities such as on Facebook, with a focus on the relevant industry. Find and make connections with the people such as the employees working in the company you wish to work in. After making connections, share your ideas and values that can contribute to the advancement of the industry.

2- Prepare A Customized Professional Resume

You should prepare a customized professional resume when you are applying for any job post. A customized resume fulfills all the mentioned requirements and represents your qualifications in such a creative way that the employers feel the urge to hire you in the company. Hence, it makes it easy for you to be in the selection of the top applicant with your professional resume and to get an interview call.

While creating a customized professional resume, keep in mind that your education, work experience, and achievements must be according to what the recruiters are looking for. For example, when you want to apply for a retail position, include your experience of previous customer service, retail, and sales jobs. Also, include the goals and objectives you have achieved. You can also include the relevant keywords in your skills and experience sections, which will impose a better impression on the employers.

3- Prepare A Productive Cover Letter

A cover letter is a chance for you to put a good initial impression on the employers. Therefore, it should be according to the job listing as well. You should consider several points while writing a cover letter. Such as:

  • Different aspects of the authority you are interested in
  • The orientation of your qualifications with the requirements in the job posting, and
  • The role you play in the betterment of the company
  • Make sure to elaborate on your experience more in the letter than in your professional resume.

Moreover, at the end of the letter, do not forget to encourage the hiring team to take further steps with your professional resume. This helps convey a subtle message to the hiring person to select and call you for the interview.

4- Keep A Follow Up With The Employers

If, after the submission of the application you receive no response for two weeks, then it is your responsibility to follow-up with the hiring company. It is a good chance for you to be among those selected and hired by keeping in contact with the manager after sending your application.

You can call or email the hiring manager to make sure that your professional resume is in good hands and keep showing your interest and excitement for the job. Encourage them to give you a chance by taking the next steps in the recruitment process and you can provide him your contact information.

5- Know Your Strengths And Selling Points

If, you successfully pass to the next stage of the hiring process, then start the preparation for the interview. Think and identify your strengths and the most efficient way to introduce yourself in front of employers. You can increase your chances of being among the top candidates if you have the appropriate skills and strengths.

For example, if you want to apply for a leading role, then think about your achievements and awards.

6- Do Not Quit, Stay Persistent

You have applied to one job position, now what are you going to do? You will wait…. Instead, keep your research going on. Keep your social media channels active for any capable employers and potential opportunities around you. It is a wise idea to go for multiple job positions instead of applying to just one or two.

However, if you are not fortunate enough to receive a hiring call or letter, do not get disheartened. Take this rejection as an opportunity to grow and do better next time.

7- Stay Positive

No one is perfect; everyone has some weaknesses and strengths.

Your weakness can become your strength if you want to. If you applied for a job and did not receive any response, don’t hesitate. You can apply again for similar job openings from the same company or different. Keeping in mind and working on all the things that went wrong for the first time. This time you got another chance, so apply again.

Do not let your downfalls and shortcomings affect your confidence and goals. Instead, use them as your advantage and show the world how to turn your negatives into positives. Conclusively, the main crux is to keep moving on and keep trying.

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