Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Resume

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You don’t have to turn your resume into a biopic that includes anything and everything about your life. Recruiters and employers are interested in details that give them an insight into your professional skills, work history, and personality traits. Sharing your hobbies and religion on your resume wouldn’t make it detailed or useful. Relevance is of prime importance when you add information to the different sections. In this post, you will learn about the common resume writing mistakes to avoid.

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List Of The Most Common Resume Writing Mistakes

Here is the list of 7 common resume writing mistakes you need to avoid

  • Unstructured Long Paragraphs
  • Using too many Sentences with “I”
  • Usage of Fancy Phrases and Words during Resume Writing
  • Unnecessary Academic Achievements and Low GPA
  • Explanations for Leaving a Job
  • Contact Information for References
  • Personal Details

Unstructured Long Paragraphs

A hiring manager wouldn’t be compelled to read long cluttered paragraphs under job experience, educational background, or other sections. Make your professional basic resume template easy to read by adding bullets and minimal text. You don’t have to use long sentences for highlighting a skill or professional accomplishment that can be mentioned in a few words. Cut the verbosity of the text as well, you don’t have to present a literary paper, use easy to comprehend vocabulary.

Using Too Many Sentences With “I”

The resume has your name and it surely is about your career background. The usage of “I” in every other sentence would seem quite narcissistic and annoying. Use nouns, pronouns, and adverbs to flaunt your skills and accomplishments. This way you will be able to grab the attention of the hiring managers and employers.

Usage Of Fancy Phrases And Words During Resume Writing

Don’t go overboard with marketing yourself using words like “amazing”, “awesome” and “outstanding”. Let the employer decide if you are an exceptional resource. The choice of words matters on your resume, make sure you don’t select adjectives that are usually preferred for describing clothing, perfumes, or jewelry pieces.

Unnecessary Academic Achievements And Low GPA

If you won a swimming or singing competition at school, that doesn’t have to be included in your resume. A CGPA below 3.0 doesn’t have to get highlighted on your job resume even if you are proud of making it through those graduation years. Academic embellishments would add value if you were an outstanding student or contributed toward a cause or club. Do not stuff details in this section just for the sake of having something to show.

Explanations For Leaving A Job

You don’t have to clarify against every job experience the reason for quitting. This would seem like you are giving an excuse for a wrong move. Save yourself the effort, if a hiring manager asks you in the job interview, you can explain rationally and in detail.

Contact Information For References

Don’t have the names and contact information of references added on your resume. A recruiter or employer will ask for it if and when needed. Inform the former employers beforehand that they will be contacted before mentioning them in the list of references.

Personal Details

Even if you have a really good height, attractive features, and complexion, do not have your headshot on your resume. No employer would be interested in knowing your place of birth, political affiliation, or what you do with your leisure time.

Avoid giving irrelevant details as well, the skills and work history should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Do not use wordy career objective statements. The cover letter shouldn’t be too creative to comprehend, utilize your creative energy smartly when writing details on your resume. Don’t make it overflow by using poetic prose and motivational content that makes the details hard to believe for the readers.

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