Resume Format For Jobs During COVID-19

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Creating A Job Winning Professional Resume

The job market is not the same since the COVID outbreak started. Industries like tourism, hospitality, and travel are downsizing to survive the setback. There are sectors like healthcare, online retail businesses, and tech that have benefited from the pandemic. So the job opportunities might be limited but are there. You have to create and tweak your resume according to the changing dynamics of the corporate world. A professional profile that you thought would fit for most of the opportunities wouldn’t work in this situation. In this post, you will learn how to format your resume according to the current scenario.

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Creating Resume Format For Job Applications

Here are important points to create a job application resume format

  1. Make it Easy to Track and Scan
  2. Use Appealing and Accurate Details
  3. Adding Relevant Skills to your Job Resume
  4. Make the Employment History Match the Job Opening
  5. Not to Miss out on Details

Make It Easy To Track And Scan


Use Appealing And Accurate Details

The content in various sections should be accurate and compelling. Follow the reverse chronological order for putting in details in career history. Highlight the impressive details like an achievement or skill-set. You don’t have to use a highlighter marker or tool to make this information prominent, pay attention to the placement and tone. Don’t use repetitive words, phrases, and sentences within the content. Terms that imply narcissism or self-praise should be avoided at the best.

Adding Relevant Skills To Your Job Resume

Read the job ad carefully and make a list of the skills that the position demands. If you already have a well-written skills section, find the professional and personal talents and traits that match the ones listed in the job description. You can elucidate a skill, for instance, if effective communication is required for a health care representative, mention your active listening, writing skills, and a friendly attitude. Don’t fabricate a professional proficiency for the sake of scoring a job amidst these frustrating times. Honesty should be the best policy even in troubled waters.

Make The Employment History Match The Job Opening

Take out all the irrelevant experiences from your career section that doesn’t match the position you intend to apply for. If for instance, you are applying for a customer service job at an e-retail store, your freelance graphic design gig wouldn’t get you considered for the opening. You can keep the skills and experience that you acquired working in the communication or marketing department. Don’t stretch the work history section for leaving the impression that you started working during the teenage years. Recruiters and employers prefer experiences that match their industry and requirements.

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Not To Miss Out On Details


Pair up your job application with a catchy cover letter that makes your resume more appealing.
Show your willingness and enthusiasm for getting a job and make it just not about meeting both ends meet during the financial crunch. Most of the employers these days want employees who can work from home, so you should mention your availability and flexibility in the job application.

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    The format which is mentioned in the above blog is a perfect one. It will help you to build a perfect resume for your job.

  • Nievov says:

    As you search for jobs during COVID-19, it is likely that you will either find opportunities in the essential workforce or remote jobs (even if only remote temporarily) as the country practices social distancing. As you search for new positions, it is critical that you update your resume such that your background and experience align with the positions you re looking for now. To give yourself the best chances of standing out in the candidate pool, it is also important to tailor your resume for each job you apply for, prioritizing key skills and strengths as it relates to each specific job and employer.

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