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Being a software engineer, you attain excellent knowledge of software development skills. You also acquire and enhance your expertise in subjects like physics, mathematics, and other analytics. However, just because you know about all of this, it does not mean you will have interviews lined up for you as soon as you decide to search up for a job. You are going to have to write a software engineer resume first.

This is why you are reading this blog – you must have questions or fears about how to make an awesome resume for yourself. So, keep reading.

A professional resume is not just a list of work history. It paints a bigger picture of what you bring to the table. It captures your experience related to the job description and presents it to the hiring manager in a catchy and impressive manner.

Software Engineer Resume Guide

By following our guidelines, writing a software engineer resume will turn out more straightforward than it seems. Here is how you do it!

1- Keep Your Resume To The Point

A hiring manager is swamped with dozens of professional resumes for every job opening. There is a high chance that he or she will not get the time to read a two-three page long summary in full. Under such cases, we recommend software engineers opt for a resume template, which is brief and incorporates the point description. 

Hence, the easiest way to do this is to reduce the length of work experience. We suggest that you incorporate a work experience description, which is recent and relevant to the job opening. In simpler words, avoid including more than five bullet points of work experience per job.

2- List Your Technology Skills

Listing your technology skills for a job opening is a no-brainer. However, the trick is to be precise. 

Additionally, when listing your skills, make sure it is easy for a hiring manager to perform a fair calculation or evaluation of your capabilities. Do not list ‘too many skills’ on your software engineer resume. A hiring manager might get an impression of a bloating resume, which means it does not integrate skills relevant to the job opening.

However, it would be a great idea to reference your related skills in more than one section. For instance, if you are a C++ genius, make sure to mention the specifics concerning it in a division of work experience as well as a summary section in your professional resume.

Moreover, include it tactfully connecting it with your accomplishments, not only as a job. Use resume writing checklist for better structuring your resume.

3- Feature Related Skills in Your Software Engineer Resume

Software engineers depend on targeted specific programs, languages, and systems for their jobs. Hence, hiring managers will especially look over it. Therefore, it is advisable to invest more time and effort into creating a technical skills division.

You can also opt to break this section into sub-divisions. Thus, it will help recruiters to look for specific skills required for their job opening. Create a list of methodologies, particular systems, and forums for which you have worked. Please include it in your software engineer resume. Extra points if you have acquired certifications from a training program.

4- Opt For The Right Layout And Format

It is essential to select the right layout and format for a professional resume. The design should offer a straightforward narrative to a reader. Hence, for a software engineer, it is a good idea to opt for a Solid Resume layout, which is available right here on Build Online Resume.

This template does not have elements that are hard to scan at a glance. It has a very clear and simplified appearance, which is also impressive and appealing to the reader.

Moreover, it is not an over fleshy design, which makes it easy for recruiters to pick out the relevant information quickly.

5- Customize Your Software Engineer Resume For Different Jobs

We recommend planning and making your professional resume such that it is suitable for every other job opening. Edit it and customize it according to the description of a job opening.

Opt for extensive research on all the companies that you desire to work with. Ask yourself questions, and dive deeper concerning the needs of a company. This will help you to optimize your professional resume.

6- If You Are New In The Field

If you have recently graduated and acquired a software engineering degree, you can make specific tweaks to your professional resume. You would worry about not having much to write but it is okay.

You can try our Fresh Resume template as a fresh graduate. It will make it much easier to fill up and make your resume. You can simply follow the prompts in the template, and you will be able to create a stellar resume.


Your software engineer resume reflects your expertise, work experience, and creativity. Thus, the effort you put in will indeed pay-off. Using our templates will strengthen your resume, and eventually land you your dream job.


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