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Adding A Summary Of Qualifications To Your Professional Resume

A summary of qualifications and professional accomplishments on the resume would make it super easy for a hiring manager to evaluate your profile. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes and it gets boring and time-consuming to go through each one of them, which is why the bland and lengthy ones get discarded. Summarizing the concrete and compelling details of what you have achieved throughout your work experience would add strength to your resume.

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If you have already written 20 lines on your professional accomplishments, don’t worry, in this post, you will learn how to trim it down to a powerful summary.

Understanding The Summary Of Qualifications

Do you think that the qualification section ought to have a self-praise essay on how you proved your worth as a talented employer? No the recruiters and employers want to know if you qualify for an advertised post or not. A summary of qualifications on your job resume should include the skills, work experience, and achievements that are relevant to a position you are applying for.

Highlighting the award for being the pizza delivery person of the month when applying for a business development job would make it easy for a hiring manager to ignore your resume.

How To Write A Summary Of Qualifications?

Think about the summary as an extempore speech that you have to deliver, what do you want to say about your professional competence and achievements? Make pointers and strike a balance between being too humble and overly narcissistic. The statement shouldn’t look like you saved a customer service or sales department from Armageddon. Make a list of your top skills and accomplishments.

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Using Action Words And Numbers

Simply describing that you scored the highest during a professional assessment test wouldn’t be enough to impress the recruiters. You should add numbers to make the metrics quantifiable. Similarly use verbs like received, achieved, and named to flaunt your awards. Go through the job post, pick the buzzwords that are a match to your professional qualifications, tweak the summary accordingly to make your resume worth noticing.

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Making A Summary Of Qualifications Out Of No Experience

If you have just started your career and don’t have years of experience to mention in your resume, here is how to make a qualifications summary.

  • Share your academic degrees and talents. If you have been a topper or a good student, mention your GPA.
  • Include the projects that you worked hard for, especially the ones that involve creating a campaign, an idea, or a product.
  • List down your awards as a speaker and volunteer.

Proofreading And Improving The Content

You might not be able to come up with a significant summary of qualifications the first time you try. Take time and put in the effort to come up with a statement that is strong and relevant to a job you intend to apply for. Proofreading during resume writing is a valuable tip you shouldn’t forget.

Don’t pick more than 4 achievements and skills to work around. Having more of them would make it difficult to sum them up. Priority should be given to the accomplishments that are quantifiable and match an employer’s description of a required candidate’s profile. Don’t fabricate the summary with talents you don’t have or awards that you can’t prove.

The bullet points should be short; you can write two sentences for each of the professional merits and then shorten those using words that can replace long phrases.

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