Teamwork Skills In Resume

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Add Teamwork Skills To Your Job Resume

No employer wants a loner who can’t collaborate with others or doesn’t like to rekindle the spirit of teamwork. Being a team player is an admirable quality. If you have that team-oriented attitude, proudly present this skill on your resume. Blandly listing down the name of a professional trait on your job resume might not be enough to impress the recruiters and employers. In this post, you will get some simple to follow guidelines for flaunting teamwork skills on your resume.

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Let’s start with defining teamwork so that you can identify the skills that can be mentioned under this category.

What Are The Teamwork Skills?

It is a proven fact that organizations prefer teams that work together and contribute toward improving productivity, sales, and other areas. So roughly, teamwork is collaborating within a team to achieve a common goal. It involves utilizing individual skills to achieve a bigger aim. Here are examples of teamwork skills!

  • Effective Communication
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Planning and Persuasion Skills

1- Effective Communication

If you have the ability to convey a clear and comprehensible message to others, this counts for effective communication skills which are vital for teamwork. A bad communicator can change the context of the information and can screw up the whole project. A person with good communication skills makes others feel comfy to have a conversation that is likely to nurture an environment where team members can connect and know each other.

2- Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts arise whilst working with people but what makes you a team player is how well and quickly you resolve the issues. An employer wouldn’t like a cold war or a battleground where employees are yelling and rolling eyes at each other. So having the ability to maturely resolve conflicts certainly qualifies you for teamwork.

3- Planning And Persuasion Skills

A smart team player knows how to plan and organize the tasks or help the team members to work in a focused direction. A person who can gel well within the team can persuade others to
achieve common goals. However, this is an attribute of leadership. If you can convince your colleagues to order your favorite pizza at a birthday party, doesn’t count for being persuasive.

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How To Mention Teamwork Skills In Resume?

The first step is to go through the job description you intend to apply for. Tweak the skills section against the job details.

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STEP 1: Pick The Keywords From The Ad & Highlight Them

For instance, you will find buzzwords like work in a team, collaborate, build relationships with teammates, and strong or effective team player. You have to work around the skill and qualifications sections to validate your teamwork ability.

STEP 2: Use Action Words

Action words like worked in collaboration with, built, and partnered for describing professional accomplishments. Use bullets and avoid iffy lengthy sentences.

STEP 3: Share Positive Thoughts

You can describe critical thinking, management, creative thinking, and motivation under teamwork skills.

STEP 4: Team Playing Skills

Make sure to list only those skills that you have or can prove. Don’t flatter yourself too much or satisfy your narcissism when writing your resume. Many hiring managers scan the resumes by having a glance at the objective or summary. You can place one or two team playing skills in the statement but don’t push it.

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For every job application, you should repeat the procedure, read between the lines of the post, pick the keywords, and make changes to your qualifications and skills section.

Tell us about the top three teamwork skills that you have added to your resume. Share your feedback on our post in the comments section!


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