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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself In An Interview

Many interviewers would like to know the person you are beyond what they perceive from your resume and tell about yourself in an interview. The popular open-ended question is often asked from the candidates, “Tell something about yourself that is not on your professional profile.” So what comes to your mind? How do you go about answering it? A lot of thoughts and ideas would strike you!

“Maybe I should talk about my love for basketball.” “I should tell them about some of my daring adventures.” “Do I have to mention non-professional stuff?”

Wondering how to answer this question? These professional tips in this article will help you!

Why Interviewers Ask This Question?

The question is asked to know your personality traits and talents to see if you are the right candidate for a position. A hiring manager or employer would be interested to hire a person that can add value to their organization.

Think About A Skill Or Strength That Is Not On Your Resume

You have to think carefully before answering the question tell about yourself in the interview. There must be a personal/professional skill that you might not have mentioned on your online resume builder. For instance, you can be good at making presentations, engaging the audience, and conveying your message. You can talk about your written and verbal communication skills in detail.

Tell the interviewer that you can make people listen to you and that can help you with landing a sales or marketing job.

Talk About Some Personal Qualities As Well

Give a hint to the recruiter or employer about the kind of person you are. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell them stories like how once you rocked a crying baby in a plane and get applause for putting him to sleep. You can share a volunteering effort, your spirit to uplift others, and your ability to survive in unfavorable conditions.

This would give the interviewers an idea about your compassion and teamwork skills that are important for thriving in a corporate environment.

You Can Tell The Reason Why You Need This Job

Another way to answer this question is to give the interviewer a compelling reason why you are interested in this job. You can talk about your aspirations, energy, and motivation. Tell the employer in a convincing manner why you feel passionate about this position.

Don’t make up fabricated claims of doing something that you will not be able to accomplish later. Focus on the part that tells them what inspired you to apply and why you think you will be able to give your best to this job. Don’t get carried away with making exaggerated details and lies like you dreamed about the position and saw yourself doing wonders.

Keep the answer logical and your body language as if you are keen to get hired. That doesn’t mean you have to jump around and laugh, maintain eye contact, and don’t stammer.

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Can You Share A Hobby In The Interview?

A hobby or interest can be shared with the interviewer and on your professional resume and also tell about yourself in the interview. Only if it is unique. You can’t mention a leisure time activity like playing cards, listening to music, or gardening. If your hobby can have positive implications for your resume and interview, don’t fret to list and talk about it. For example, you can tell the interviewer about your love for learning new languages or trekking.

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