What is a Cover Letter?

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A job search begins with a professional resume, and a professional resume must have a cover letter accompanying it. It is more than a formality or courtesy, yet it makes a great impression on potential employers. Additionally, research suggests that employers prefer applications or professional resumes that come with an enclosed letter.

When it comes to planning a job strategy, a cover letter is an essential component. Therefore, if you want to dive into its importance. Let us first look at what this letter is all about.

More About a Cover Letter

It is merely a one-page memo sent with a professional resume. It gives an insight into your interest in the position for which you are applying.

Sometimes, people refer to it as a referral letter. It displays your qualifications and shows why you are the best fit for the job position. Moreover, it tells us why you are interested in the company. A well-written or well-described letter helps you stand out from your peers.  

Employers look at cover letters to search for the best-suited individual for your job. In simple words, an enclosed letter serves as your introduction and allows you to market yourself and your skills to prove that you are the best candidate for the job position. 

Ironically, several candidates do not make an effort to write a cover letter. If you do this, you will undoubtedly make an impression on the employer, increasing the chances of you getting the job at your desired position.

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What is the Importance of a Cover Letter 

Several individuals ask about the significance of the letter. To answer your query, we have listed its importance. Here is a list of its benefits:

1.Makes a lasting impression of Cover Letter 

As the famous saying goes, the first impression is the last. This certainly counts in the job hiring process. A concise document is your first chance to stand out against your peers since it is designed to sell you. It focuses on your key strengths and catches a manager’s attention, increasing your chances of hiring.

2. Rare combination: 

This letter is one of its kinds, which combines your unmatched skill and working experience. You can depict abilities, knowledge, and expertise that fulfill the requirement of a job description.

3. Insight into your personality: 

Unarguably, a cover letter gives a better insight into your personality traits. It expresses your character that helps the employer conclude why you are the best person for the job. It is your chance to explain yourself in your tone and what benefits you can add to the employer’s team.

4. Depicts enthusiasm:

The letter shows how enthusiastic you are about the job hiring. It shows the manager that you have taken time for research. Thus, it helps incorporate your skills accordingly. Overall, it shows how enthusiastic you are about a particular job.

Is Cover Letter Associated With Professional Resume?

You might wonder if you need a letter or not since most organizations do not specify if you must submit one with your professional resume. Perhaps now you will make sure there is an enclosed letter with your resume because now you know its importance.

Before you move on from here, here is a reminder once more. A professional resume is a summarized document of two-three pages, which gives an insight into your personal and professional details. It includes elements related to your educational history, relevant skills, a summary of your qualifications, and professional memberships. It covers your skills and abilities as a potential employer, documented formally.

However, when it comes to writing a cover letter, it displays your interest in a specific job. It helps in proving your candidacy in a detailed document.

The letter usually has the following features:

  • heading (that is your name)
  • Greetings
  • Understanding how you found the job
  • Vision on your contribution to the organization
  • Your future goals

Although a cover letter is associated with a professional resume. You can always find differences in the format, content, and purpose. Additionally, worldwide research tells us, as much as 53%of managers consider an enclosed letter essential; only a resume is not enough.

To conclude, unarguably, writing a cover letter is a daunting task that might consume hours.

However, since technology is on the rise, you can take help from valuable sites like Build Online Resume to complete it in a matter of minutes.


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