What Is Your Greatest Strength?

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Why Do Interviewers Ask About Your Greatest Strength?

How many times you have been asked “what is your greatest strength?” The hiring managers and employers want to know about your most prized skill. Whether you are an experienced professional, a university grad, or have started your career not long ago, prep up for elucidating on your strongest strength. Many candidates find it tricky as they feel the interviewers expect more than two words or names of professional or personal talent.

That is right, you can’t just say that it’s effective communication, there has to be some compelling explanation. Think about a broad skillset that best defines your competence and can be used for describing your experience as well.

What Should Be Your Approach To Answering About Your Strengths?

You must do some homework instead of giving extempore answers to your interview questions. A business owner or recruiting manager would like to get an insight into what kind of person you are, what they can expect from you, and if they can trust you. Based on this, write down the strength that makes you, you; think of an example that validates your claim and look for any accomplishments that you made utilizing that personal or professional skill.

The question of what is your strongest attribute can be answered in a generic way or you can tailor it according to the position you are applying for.

How To Answer If You Are A Business Development Manager?

For business development professionals, the answer to this question should be highlighting the skills that help with designing products and improving prospects for sales.

Think it out aloud. Take a piece of paper. You can start by listing two or three skills if you are being indecisive. Let’s suppose you have

  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Detail-Oriented

How about combining these three to answer? Just like you have to create a story from picture prompts and some buzzwords think of an example that you can make from these three skills. Don’t get carried away though, the details you write and share should not be fabricated.

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How Should A Creative Designer Or Writer Answer?

For people associated with creative work like graphic designers, writers, and animators, the strongest attributes can be

  • Originality of Ideas
  • Creativity
  • Versatility

You can answer the question by telling the interviewer that you can think outside the box and can comfortably work on different projects without having your productivity affected or getting distracted.

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How Can Managers Answer About Their Greatest Strength?

If you have been managing work and teams in your career, the answer to this question should have an account of your organization and management skills. Tell the interviewer about the responsibilities you were entrusted with and how you fulfilled them without feeling stressed.

Can you think of an example or professional accomplishment that can be quoted to support your strength? Don’t fret mentioning it but don’t exaggerate the details to make them juicy, you can display your fictional narration skills in a group of friends.

How Should People Work In The Communication Department Answer?

Job seekers associated with internal and external communication of companies should consider mentioning the following skills when asked, what is your greatest strength?

  • Persuasion Skills
  • Good Written and Verbal Communication
  • Getting Things Done by Team Members

You can narrate an account of a project that you managed to get completed on time because of using all these skills. If there are some numbers and figures to support that achievement, don’t forget to mention them.

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How To Answer If You Have No Job Experience?

If you have just graduated from the university, answer the question of what your greatest strength is can be relevant to your academics. You can think about completing a project, coming up with a solution to a problem or management, and organization skills.

Don’t get confused and think that with no work history, you don’t have any skill to flaunt. The question would be asked to know what kind of student you have been. Most of the jobs require communication, management, and problem-solving skills. These are not the kind of qualities that a job candidate can only learn through experience, you can be good at all of them so be confident. The details that you are going to provide to the interview panel should be rational and need to be relevant to the strength you claim to have.

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How Can Waiters And Cashiers Tell About Their Strength?

People with hands-on jobs do the most industrious work. Their jobs are very challenging and require both physical and mental alertness. If you have worked as a waiter or cashier the answer to this popular question should be your punctuality, hard work, or multi-tasking. Talk about how you have been punctual at your previous jobs and the amount of hard work that you put to give your best.

Mention the promotions, awards, and bonuses that were given because of your dedication and motivation.

Bonus Tips On Answering “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

You need to understand the context of this question before answering it. Imagine yourself being the company owner or recruitment manager, why would you ask this question?

Keep your body language positive and maintain eye contact while you are speaking, the tone should be enthusiastic. Avoid telling white lies, they can trigger stammering.

Why would you want to know what is the most valued skill of a potential candidate? Do you want to know the personal qualities of a professional? It can be both these scenarios. How about you prepare an answer that tells the interviewers about your personality overall? Don’t consume minutes answering the question, keep it short and sweet. The answer should not be a narcissistic narrative of your work life, keep it a bit informal so that an employer know you are witty and social.

What answer variations you have for this question? We will be delighted to know your thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments!


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