What to Include in a Cover Letter?

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Things to include in your cover letter and how to place those details rightly to make it more effective. In this post, you will learn what to include in your resume cover letter.

What to Include in Your Cover Letter and why it Counts?

You are looking for a job. You go to the recruitment portal of your favorite company and you see that the company has a position open that matches your skills. Thinking it to be the opportunity of a lifetime, you immediately lookup your resume on your drive. You read it, make some tweaks, and write down what your application e-mail is going to say. Before you hit that send button, you should ask yourself, what a compelling cover letter looks like. Does the content of your cover letter make you stand out from an exhaustive list of possible candidates?

Your resume is a powerful tool when it comes to impressing recruiters and employers. It is your chance to prove that you are a perfect fit for the job. A well-thought out cover letter can leave a lasting impression on the readers instantly. The cover letter will serve as a deal maker for you, the readers will be more inclined to review your resume to look more into your suitability for the job.

What to Add in your Cover Letter to make it Gripping?

No one likes to read a book with a drab and unappealing cover.  That is also true for hiring managers and recruiters when they are filtering through job applications.  

A boring cover letter translates into a boring Resume. If your cover letter doesn’t stand out in an array of possible candidates your chance is already lost. 

We don’t want that to happen. To avoid this scenario, you first need to think of things that can make your cover letter more in line with what makes you a standout candidate for your desired post. 

After you’ve given your personal contact information, company details, and greeting the first thing you need to think about is listing out reasons for hiring you. 

How to Write the Personal Details in your Cover Letter?

The header area of the cover letter would include your personal information, your name, the e-mail address and phone number.

You have to be very formal while entering your data. A non-serious e-mail address suggests that your general attitude towards important things is casual and careless. The spellings for your name should be consistent with all your documents as well. The devil is in the details. 

Your phone number should be the one that you use in your day-to-day routine. You should also make sure, that all the information that you provide is up-to-date and accurate.

How to Mention the Details of the Company you are applying to?

On the surface, this is a simple enough task. A single mistake can make you fall behind, so you need to be extra careful. Be vigilant while you list down the details about your prospective employer.  

If the job ad does not tell you much about the company, you can always do some research as a quick way to get some insight into the company. Adding in the name of the hiring manager adds a personalized touch to your cover letter.  Be sure to check if you can find relevant information.

You should not use up too much space in writing down what the company does, or what their mission statement or core values are, aside from a subtle reference. The recruiters and owners are well aware of that already so there is little need to enlighten them on the matter.

What kind of Greetings or Salutation you should write?

One of the trickiest things to include in your cover letter is a not too formal or casual greeting.You can’t write, hey there how are you doing,something like hi, hello would also sound informal, so write dear before the name of the addressee. 

Don’t drag the greeting by asking questions or making assumptions like hope all is well. You are not writing a letter to your childhood buddy. 

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Can you flaunt your Skills and Professional Accomplishments?

Tell the recruiters and potential employers about your personal and professional talents that make you the best option for the advertised position. 

So the other elements to include in your cover letter are the soft and hard skills and achievements that validate your competence for the responsibilities required by a job. 

If you have detailed skills and accomplishments sections on your resume, write down a summary that you can use within the letter. It should have an account of the competencies, certifications and quantifiable achievements that are relevant to the role you are applying for. 

In case you don’t have any experience, express your enthusiasm and motivation for the job and what you aspire to do if allowed to work at the organization. 

How to Persuade the Recruiters that you are Passionate about this Job?

Every job seeker would make tall claims of being the perfect fit for a position. You have to get your point by compelling them that you have the passion for this job, it is not an option or means for just making money for you. Use one-two lines elucidating on why you believe that you can fit in an organization and how you aspire to benefit it. 

Don’t get carried away, make promises that are believable, and can be fulfilled. Exaggerated claims wouldn’t make the recruiters trust you it can backfire so stay real. 

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How to Write a Killer Closing Paragraph?

The way you conclude your cover letter might sway the hiring specialists into giving you a quick interview call.  Another element to include in your cover letter is expressing your interest in taking up challenges and using them as an opportunity to do better. For instance, if you are applying for a marketing position the concluding paragraph can be 

“I would be pleased to get that chance of talking about your marketing goals and tell you how my effective strategies at the previous organization can be of benefit for the growth and success of your company”

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Let’s do a quick summary of the points to ponder

  • Include your updated contact info in the cover letter
  • The company’s details should be correct and concise
  • Don’t use long and informal salutations for the addressee 
  • Mention relevant skills and achievements  
  • Express dedication to give your best to the job
  • The closing paragraph should have a call to action  

The length of the cover letter is yet another concern that we will soon discuss in one of our posts. You should keep it not too long also don’t think that 2-3 lines would be enough. You can view some samples online to get an idea about how long it should be. 

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