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Power Words For Resume Summary

Do you have all that is required to become the right candidate for a job? How do you want to go about proving that to the employer? Your resume is a key to the door for your bright future. That key has to fit in right to open it up. Recruiters receive hundreds of job applications for a single position, why would they be intrigued to consider yours? Your resume should have that first and lasting impression to compel them into preferring you. Also, what are the resume power words to add?

In today’s article, you will learn the power of verbs and buzzwords and how to place them properly on your resume!

What Are Power Words In A Resume

Here is the list of power words for resume writing. These words can make your job resume stand out

  • Action words
  • Number words
  • Team player words
  • Leadership words

Use Action Words To Your Advantage

Just like a marketing campaign has some action words, you need some words that convince the recruiters and employers that you are worth giving a chance. When using the action verbs, don’t get carried away with proving yourself a superman or wonder woman. The accomplishments described should be believable, don’t turn them into a fictional action narrative. Words like responsible contributed and collaborated with positive connotations should be used on the Resume Making Website.

Numbers Can Give Words A Boost

In many of our posts, you must have come across the most valuable tip to add numbers and stats for validating a point on your professional resume. Here we go again; using numbers with the action verbs would make your accomplishments or work experience quantifiable. For example, mentioning “Implemented a new marketing strategy to increase online traffic by 30%” would tell the employers about your competence and what they can expect from you.

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How To Describe Yourself As A Team Player

Instead of using the direct and most repetitive resume word, team player, think about an action word that can elucidate your team playing skills. What are the words that come to your mind when you think about a person capable of working as a team member? Make a list of the words and pick the ones that describe you well and turn them into verbs.

Here are some examples of a team player words

  • Blended
  • Motivated
  • Diversified
  • Volunteered

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Flaunting Your Leadership Skills On Your Professional Resume

Instead of blowing your trumpet for being an amazing leader on the resume, use action words to make a point. Just like the thinking exercise for the team player, write down words that describe your leadership qualities. Don’t choose words like charisma and sagacity, you aren’t Nelson Mandela. Use words that can help you write a sentence of professional accomplishment.

Some of the strong leadership words are

  • Guided
  • Mentored
  • Facilitated

Words That You Need To Avoid On Your Resume

There are many words that recruiters find annoying and repetitive on resumes. If you are a hard worker and can think creatively, there are better words to make your skills shine. During resume writing, take a look at some samples and commonly used resume templates to know which words should be avoided. Mentioning yourself as an expert or a super-motivated individual, wouldn’t get you the job you want.

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Some Winning Words For Your Resume

Words that imply responsibility and credibility can make your resume differentiating. Using the action verbs that suggest you have completed a task would make the employers perceive you as a reliable resource. Finished, accomplished, achieved, and, partnered are some of the words that you can safely use on your resume.

The sentences that you write with these verbs should make sense and ought to have verifiable details, don’t make up stories for seeking attention.

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