Words To Avoid In Resume

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What Are The Cliche Words To Avoid On Your Professional Resume?

The pressure of a job hunt often gets to you. It can compel you to use words and phrases on your resume that are cliched or annoying. In an attempt to embellish your skills, professional talents, and accomplishments, you could end up leaving a bland or bad impression. In this post, we will discuss the words to avoid in a resume.

Using wordy details in different sections would also confuse the recruiters and employers. The choice of words matters, take an example of a book filled with verbosity or terms that can leave you baffled, would you continue reading it?

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List Of Words To Avoid In Resume

Here are the cliche words you should avoid using on your professional resume.

  1. Likable
  2. Expert
  3. Successful
  4. Innovative
  5. Hard Working, Workaholic
  6. Using the Word Dynamic

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Avoid Likable Word

Words like Likable and pleasant should not be there on your professional profile; you are not a retail or food item.

The likable word seems a good adjective for a dessert, movie, or piece of writing. Describing yourself as likable would make the hiring managers and recruiters wonder what is worth liking about you. They might go through the details on your job resume again to find anything or they have to check you out to see if you are referring to the good looks.

Avoid Expert Word

Don’t claim the word of an expert if you can’t justify it.

Listing yourself as an expert is a tall claim, how will you go about proving it? The word expert sounds quite narcissistic as well. You could be asked many questions about the expertise you have flaunted on your resume, so be prepared for answering them. If you can’t provide evidence, the chances for the second interview would get bleak. Be careful when mentioning your proficiency for a skill, you can use terms like basic, intermediate, and advanced.

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Avoid Successful Word

Don’t use Successful words if you have not achieved any professional results.

This is the most cliched of all words, how do you define your success if you claim to be a successful professional. Is it the progression you made over all these years, the money you earned, or the promotions you got? An interviewee would be very interested to know the journey of your success and if you wouldn’t have a convincing response, it could lead to an embarrassing situation.

Avoid Innovative Word

Don’t use words like innovative and inventive on your professional resume.

The term can make a hiring specialist think you might be an inventor or a geek nerd with brilliant invention ideas. There are many words to describe your individuality and “innovative” is just a fancy buzzword. If you are good at coming up with solutions to problems or can think out of the box that can be termed as critical thinking or problem-solving.

Avoid Hard-Working, Workaholic Words

Don’t use Hard-working or Workaholic words to glorify your professional profile.

While every employer would prefer a hard-working employee, you’re just mentioning it on the resume isn’t going to work in your favor. Similarly, if you label yourself as a workaholic, it could backfire since working crazily has its downsides. If you are enthusiastic about your job, there are better terms and skills to make that point. Hard work is a quality that was used in essays for describing people who struggled hard to make it through life.

Avoid Dynamic Words To Use In Resume

Dynamic is a very broad term, if you go through the connotations and examples, you will be amazed by how it can be used. Using this word to describe your smartness wouldn’t be interpreted by the recruiters and employers your way.

Think about your skills that make you worthy of the position you are applying for. It can be your active communication skills, some hard skills that you have learned in the course of your career, use these to display your talent or competence.

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Can you think of other overused and confusing words on the resumes? Share them in the comments!


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