What Is The Best Work Resume Template And Format

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Having a perfect resume on hand is very important if you want to grab your dream job. That is only possible if you know how to make a professional resume using a work resume template. For this, you must fill it perfectly with all your qualification and work experiences. That too, in a properly organized way.

A professional resume is very crucial to attract the attention of any hiring manager and impress him/her. In this article, we will be guiding you on how to use one of our most professional work resume templates and create your professional format resume. We will also give you a suggestion on which is the best resume file type.

Using A Work Resume Template

Composing a resume can be overwhelming and confusing for anyone. This is where our resume builder is going to help you immensely. We have a wide variety of amazing work resume templates that will help you to create a clean and organized resume in the best format possible. If you are someone who is looking to create a professional and eye-catching resume, we recommend using our Synergy Resume Template. It will be perfect for you.

How To Use Our Synergy Resume Template

Here is a little guide for you to use our Synergy Resume Template and create your version of an amazing resume. 

Once Build Resume Online loads, you will see a red button saying build your resume now.

Just click that button and you go to our resume building studio. Here, you will see the Synergy Resume Template among others. This template is a modern and impressive design. As soon as you select the template, you will have to enter the following data:

1. Personal Details

Put in your full name, email address, contact number, home address, country, etc. Fill in all the details required and proceed to the next step.

2. Education Section

Fill in your education section. Add details like your school, college, university. Fill out all the things you want to see in your education section.

Make sure you fill your education section will correct school and institution names, their location, and the qualification. Include the beginning and ending dates. After completing this requirement, hit the button to go to the next step.

3. Certificates And Achievements

Mention all the diplomas and awards you have.

4. Work Experience

Add your work experience section. We recommend adding a work experience section in your resume, mentioning w your position, companies’ names, dates of employment, etc. Add as much work experience as you have as long as it is relevant to your dream job. Go to the next step.

5. Skills Section 

Use bulleted point 5 to 10 skills including some hard and some soft skills. 

6. Career Objective And Reference

The last part is where you will have the option to put career objectives or references and finish off your resume.  

All this usually takes about five to ten minutes if you have an old resume ready.   

Download And Start Submitting Your Resume

Now you have a perfect professional resume and you are ready to send it in at your desired job vacancies.

Now, here is a review on which file type is the most ideal to use when downloading your resume and using a work resume template.

Which Is The Best Resume File Type

First thing first, look out for the file format at the company’s career section where you are applying for a job. If there is a given file format, download your resume in it. If there is no file format specified, you have two options. They are WORD and PDF file formats.

Here are the pros and cons of both:

Word Resume File Format

Pros Of Word Resume File Format

  • It is easy to access on different devices and gadgets
  • An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can easily read word files
  • A lot of companies want their candidates to send their resume in a word file

Cons Of Word Resume File Format

  • The format of the word file can mess up if opened using any other software. If the hiring manager does not open your word file in word, your one-page resume can deform into two pages, the fonts and their sizes can change, and it can all be a big mess.
  • Word file is editable and can easily be altered

PDF Resume File Format

Pros Of PDF Resume File Format

  • PDF format can never mess up and the format and structures always stay preserved
  • PDF file format is compatible with all devices and can be accessed on different systems and gadgets
  • The documents look cleaner and more professional
  • You can be creative when making a resume on PDF and use different software to personalize your resume

Cons Of PDF Resume File Format

  • It is a rare issue but sometimes ATS can face a little trouble in reading your resume. Some old ATS can leave out your creative and graphics features. 

We hope this article will help you to clear your questions about the best work resume template. Now you know how to use our amazing and versatile Synergy Resume Template. We also explained which are the best file format and the pros and cons of it.


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