Dos And Don’ts Of Emailing Your Professional Resume

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In your professional resume, the first thing that a recruiter or employer will read when opening your job application would be the email text. You can make or break the impression right there. Unfortunately, many candidates don’t pay attention to choosing a compelling subject or making the content gripping. If you have the notion that a hiring manager would ignore how you composed the text of your job application and would download your resume right away, you are wrong. Today’s blog post has tips that you will find useful for writing the resume email. Take a look!

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You might get rejected for using shorthand in the email or addressing the recipient with the wrong name.

Tips On Sending Resume Email

Here are some important tips on sending a professional resume in email

Add A Personalized Touch

Don’t make the email a generic one that seems overly used and slightly tweaked. If you are eager to get a job, that enthusiasm should be evident not only from your job resume but also from the application. Check the address twice and if it doesn’t have the name of the recruiter; find it to mention the addressee. Make sure that you use the correct spellings for a name, the same goes for designation, don’t be careless with it. Addressing a recruiting manager as an assistant would make your email easy to ignore.

What To Include In The Email?

  • The reason why you are contacting a recruiting manager
  • Why an organization should consider your job application
  • Your Name and Signature

You should have an appealing subject title for the email. Come up with something creative yet relevant to the position you are applying for. Don’t use informal phrases, slang, and edgy words. You are not writing an email to your buddy, there should be a professional tone but let lose the formality a bit without seeming inappropriate.

Don’t Use General And Confusing Subject Lines

A hiring specialist would receive hundreds of applications for the opening you are applying for. If you want your professional resume to get noticed, don’t use a subject line that confuses the recipients. Email subject line “Resume and Cover Letter” would get dumped in the pile. You have to mention the position. Experiment with 2-3 subject lines and choose one that gives an instant idea about why you have sent an email.

What To Write When Attaching The Professional Resume And Cover Letter?

Start the email with the name of the hiring manager; mention that you are attaching your resume and cover letter. Write 2-3 lines about how you intend to utilize your professional experience and skills to bring value to an organization. Keep it short and avoid exaggerating the promises and claims. Don’t add unnecessary details like your professional accomplishments that you already have mentioned in the resume.

What makes a marketing email effective, it is precision and appeal, right? You have to use the same pitch for your job application email. Don’t oversell or undersell yourself, keep a balance. Also don’t fool the target audience with features that a product doesn’t have, fabricating your skills and experience would ruin your image and repute.

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Some More Tips On Sending Resume Email

Make a checklist before sending the email for the job application. You have to make sure that your resume and cover letter are in proper format and have been reviewed twice or more. Using a call to action would get you an interview call. Think about a unique way to connect with the recruiter. Use 1-2 lines in the email to pique their interest in making a conversation with you before calling for a formal interview.

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